Friday, August 15, 2008

Missing me?

Anybody miss me blogging :D.

Let me know.

They are tonnes to tell but i just dont have the heart to write.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Investing on Love

As much as I love reading books, the hobbies now switch to reading blogs. Reading entertainment magazines is not so entertaining anymore cos blogs gives you juicier story. Oh no need soap opera drama also. All is covered in the blogs. Isn’t that wonderful?

Anyway, last week I read an article from here. Well it’s on economic of love. I couldn’t agree more on her. You see besides investing money, I do invest on love too. Do you know it is more profitable?

When I first met hubby, it was on a financial talk. Yeah he’s on A* MLM and that time we are still in uni. I didn’t know him tho even we are actually a course mate. Until that day…and this friend of mine monitored by him ramblings on A* MLM. Moi of course never believe on such easy money. OK I know MLM need some works, hard work! But the concept for me it’s the same applied if I do any business or even if I do the current job. The key is you like your job and you become expert on it. Furthermore, I don’t feel that is the right things to do. However they manage to convince me to go for their meetings and pay for it, but I get even not convinced. So..that is how I first met him.

Hubby is hurm, I don’t know, he claims he is a hot stuff in uni. He’s a computer geek, people thought he is smart, he looks smart tho and he wears socks. Who wears socks during uni time? Most of the time people wears sandals or flip flop. Basically my housemate that time all admire him because he is genius (according to them) and I keep on telling my friend Zir…iewww are you going to get his socks off from him when he’s home later. Thinking that haha he probably will be the guy who’s going to have the wife to do everything for him.

Well few months later….we graduated, we went for a gala dinner and I start to meet him again. Somehow each time I met him, I get this dub dab on my heart. Mind you that time I actually dating someone else . He likes to smile so I guess that make my heart warm or something. I don’t know how, we actually hooked up on ym. Then we start to meet each other. First meet up is with my friend Liza and him. I have a SAP training course in KL. So being me, yeah I love to treat people. We had dinner at Mc D Central Market.

We just love each other company that we meet even often. That time I already driving a decent car (of course my dad’s car but it’s practically mine). He on the other hand still uses his motor kapcai. Usually I will fetch him at his house (see who’s fetching who) and we will go out just spending time talking with each other. Well this guy, even tho I have drove all the way to fetch him, most of the time we will take turn paying the meals or even worse, he will go Dutch with me. All my life this is the first time a guy suggest going Dutch. You know for a girl like me ( being perasan ) this treatment and his motor kapcai doesn’t do much justice. However he has something that other guys don’t have that I don’t mind investing first :) He’s funny, some one that you can talk hours with on most of the topics. Attentive, smart …really smart I feel that time. Such a sweet talker, yeah everything he talks will make sense. Well sometime you just knew it that he’s worth it. So I go on with him. I told him I like him, I have a boyfriend, if you like, marry me. And he said OK. So we get married.

Marriage is where everything you invested is being tested. Yeah he actually was investing on me as well. He’s not really a good listener, but he tried to listen and be attentive to me. Oh he such a grumpy young man haha. The first few years were hard though. We try to give and take. He knows how I dislike on going Dutch. I know that he needs some ‘alone’ time. They are things that he changed for me and I changed for him. They are things that couldn’t be change and we try to adapt to it. And we are still learning to compliment and invest on each other. All these actually helps on our ownself growth, career and family wise. I really am think that where ever we are now and what ever we achieve is because of the investment that we have done in our relationship.

I don’t know if whatever I wrote will make any sense to you. But if you wonder, no I don’t need to take his socks off from him: D.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Blog hopping can be addictive, so do online shopping. I don’t know what I have been doing for the past few days. No I don’t have any assignment yet so I am a bit free to do what I want. I try to do reading and try the new technologies. But damn it sucks…cos they are nothing much that can motivate me unless I am in a real project. So ya….people keep on telling me enjoy the space that you have. Or few of my friends said “ ada keje pun susah takde keje pun susah” hehe. How true is that! I think have nothing to do is worst than have much thing to do..sigh.

Anyway as hubby away, I keep on making myself busy. I went for shopping last weekend, bought 2 spanking new shoes. No …not nine west hehe. I watch movie last nite….with my sis and bro and I drag my lil boy as well. He sure have fun tho…even takut …ma jom balik… I also busy trying to arrange for a group outing. Which I didn’t get any respond yet!! Hey….are you guys going or not??? If not I’ll plan for only me and hubby get away. What else…hurm promoting my belibarang website. Yeah …if you plan to buy any kuih raya…goto they are some selection of delicious kuih raya. Mind you is a bit pricey. But that is the prices that I get from the supplier. The cookies are nice and the decoration is unique. Try it first :)

They are some good news as well. 2 of my good friends are pregnant!!! How good is that?? I can’t reveal their name yet. But I am damn happy for them. I just get excited when people are pregnant or getting married. Especially thinking about getting pregnant alone can make me happy :)

Hurm what else??? I am bored. HELP.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Let's do our math

Hubby and I are very obsessed with our financial planning. It’s started when we first get married where we have this sort of simple balance sheet. We put all of our salary/claims/allowances at one side and what need to be paid/save at the other side. We then get the balance that we usually will keep on top of the additional savings that we have. We purchase insurance for ourselves, education insurance plan for the kids, we put some amount in ASB, hubby has been investing towards his company share, I have been investing via unit trust and we also bought a few assets.

The strategy actually does make wonders. Hubby for instance, has a few loans when I am married to him. The major one was his study loan and that has been settled within few years as he is persistently paying the debt every month. They are one other debt, which was not supposed to be bear by him. This is where when in his Uni time he registers the phone under his name. And some bugger has used up the phone up to 5k. End up that he need to bear the cost. He can choose not to pay, but we feel that we need to clear all debts. It will affect us sooner or later….and I personally believe God will bless us with more prosperity if we clear our debt. So he’s been paying faithfully 50 bucks each month and recently he has increased to 100 for each month. They are left for a thousand or so to be settled soon.

Back on the spreadsheet, we have projected on how much the fuel and tolls cost for work travel also weekend outing. We calculate how much do we need to spend for lunches (range), groceries and misc. Those we categorized it under transportation and monthly expenses. When we projected basically we are trying to meet the target. With that, it makes me and hubby carefully plan where we eat and what we spend on. That has reduced tremendously on unnecessary spending. Imagine the impulse to eat at fancy restaurant, drink at starbucks or you know especially for ME, to buy all those shoes, handbags, cute little cloths for the kids, toys and many more. The list could be endless. So how do we manage our lust towards the material and the needs to save for our rainy day?

The spreadsheet basically has become our best guideline on how is our current life situation. For the first few years when we earn peanuts and trying to stabilize, life has been very difficult. I mean base on the calculation, we definitely couldn’t do the little luxury. Remember how I blog about all the difficulties that we had for our first few years.
The anniversary, birthday, we do not celebrate in lush. My kid’s wear if it’s branded it must be a present from someone ;). We go through it, not that we don’t afford to buy or just splurge, we think that saving and investing is more important.

As we growth through our career, we actually increase a little bit of our monthly expense. But of course we increase the savings too. I note that we work hard and we should get the rewards. We do reward ourselves, when we think we are worth to be rewarded. But we don’t over do it.

I just meet my unit trust agent. Doing some calculation on how much saving we need to have for our retirement. Factoring the inflation and all, 5k per mon is where I can just live. 5k is not a lot ya...look at our current goods price, what it will be for the next 20 years? 10k per mon if I want to live comfortably. And factoring that the life span will be longer due to the better finding on our medical, imagine we live until 75 years old. Let’s do the math.

Retire at 55 and we live until 75 (example). 20 years to live.

10k * 12 month * 20 years to live after retirement = 24000000

Can you count how many zeros behind the 24? It’s 2.4 million ok!. Can we achieve that? You do your own math ;).

ps: email me if you want to see how our monthly budget spreadsheet looks like

Monday, July 7, 2008

My weekend

Remember I blogged a while ago. On how lucky I am when the kids can sleep by themselves in their own room. Not anymore. Ever since we are back in KL, kids have been sleeping in our room. Eventho they have their own bed. Somehow our bed is nicer than theirs. They will comfortably come over to our bed; even the small one will say ‘naik naik’ and asked me to pull him up.

As hubby is a way, I have put the safety guard on my bed and let both kids sleep with me. But of course I will get a back pain. My two cheeky monkeys don’t know how to sleep still. They will make a 360 degree turn and start to kick me if I don’t make way for them to turn. Last 2 nights they were making sounds and as I open my eyes, one of them is already on top of the others. This morning I told abang that you guys have turn to become a transformer lately during sleeping. Excitedly he asked me, mama nampak ke ?....hehe yeap mama nampak hahahaha. Then both of them start to make their action..dengan tangan2 woosh sana sini. Ok ok…I just have to live with my 2 boys’ action drama.

On the other note, life is a bit boring without hubby. After sending hubbs to the airport on Saturday we went back home and had a little nap. Then we get ready to have our dinner outside cos my mum too lazy to cook. Me cooking? I am naturally lazy haha. We had dinner at Andalas Corner. The food was good but the service was very slow. Just after we finish our dinner, Fawwaz made his own drama. He’s doing his big job and when he does it he wants to go home like now. So he’s been screaming and crying and walking straight out from the restaurant. He just walked by himself and expects us to go with him. So funny I figure, so off we went back home. That night he didn’t sleep well, not sure if he missed his daddy but he is a cranky boy that night.

Sunday, we were lazing around at home. After lunch we all try to get a nap. Abang get pretty boring, he doesn’t really get a nap during day. So he’s been bugging me to go out. Keep on waking me up…ma can we go out. Ma let’s go out…and I keep on saying …10 mins. And he will come back by saying ma dah lama dah ni ….ok ok…I woke up and I’m thinking to bring him to watch movie. As we go out I saw the main road is on a massive traffic jam. Decided not to be part of the jam, so we drove around the kampong area. We stopped by at warung abc, had our abc and quality time chatting with my 4 years boy.

That’s my weekend. How bout yours?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Smell the roses

I am no longer in lovey dovey mood. Tell me one thing why we asian people work our ass out and don’t even have a time to take a step back and appreciate our current life.

I recall on the way back from kiwi land a few months ago. We met my father old friend, Uncle Michael. He’s a New Zealander, probably aged around 60 plus but he looks healthy, happy and energetic. We had a long chat with him and he gives us a few piece of advice. One of it he mentioned that in every moment of our life we should take our time to look at our lives and appreciates things that revolved around us. Look at yourself, he said. You are young with two kids, and you have travelled which not everybody got the chance to travel. You still have parents that are healthy and alive that you can love. Just put a pause and remember that how lucky we are and appreciate every moment.

They other thought that comes from him are on young parents with kids. He felt that world is losing the chain. With people refuse to get married early and have kids in their young age. When we have kids at age 35 or even 40, the kids will hardly had a chance to know their grandparents or their grandparent probably too old to play with their grandchildren. Parents will actually provide, nurture them and discipline the kids. But a grandparent is where the child will get to learn about values of life and of course spoilt them. Which I think is true. You see as a parent myself, we are sometimes clueless on how to go with our child. But grandparents always there with a better reasoning teaching them on how to stop and again appreciate their life. As parents you want them to learn, be perfect, be good and so on so forth. My parents will actually take their time to explain in depth, bring my child to do gardening, get to know flowers, grasses, birds, fishes and many more. They can spoilt the kids at one time but they can also be firmed whenever require. Uncle Michael added, and because that we are losing the chain, that is why kids nowadays become what they become. Rude, clueless, no manners, don’t know what to do with their life and many more. They are nobody to ask them to stop and embrace their life and learn the value of life. We as parents are too busy to work to provide them and we also forget to teach them the values!

Last advice that we received is when we commenting on the workmanship of the people and end up to why Asian like to work day and night. I called it work our butts of. Uncle Michael own his company and he thought that people who need extra hours to work is inefficient. They are time where his new employee ask his permission to bring back some of the magazines (relates to work) home so that he can do some reading. Uncle Michael told him tomorrow morning you come to the office and take 1 hour to do his reading. For him if the reading relates to the work and it can make his employee more knowledgeable, do it during working hours. When you are at home, makes time with family and of course for yourself. I wish that every bosses are like that. But maybe most of the bosses or company owners value the work life balance. Just the boss wannabe or employee wannabe crack their butts off to show that they are some goodie or whatever not.

This long post is due to this. Hubby is supposed to go for 3 weeks (that now happened to be 4 weeks actually) outstation. He’s flying out on Saturday and the trip has just been confirmed last monday (within this week). Due to the hectic or must I say poor management, they have to work day and night. Hubby goes out 630 or 730 in the morning and reaches home around 930 or latest by 11 and sometime 12 at night. I have expected this cos KL project with KL people that are very kiasu, you can see people work really late at night. I don’t know maybe these people don’t have life or whatever not but everyday working late? Something must be wrong with you and your personal life. That is my personal comment. So having said that, he has been working his butt off that he forget to smell the roses, today I suppose when you need to fly the following day and expected to work on Sunday cos Dubai works on Sunday. Should it be more human to let the employee to take today off or at least half day at management call? But what I know the management question why should u take half day (not even a day off) since week after next you will be off on Friday (when u in Dubai and Dubai is off on Monday). This bugger let me tell you, next week these people they are no longer at home and their families are way back here. They are people with small children that the child looking forward for weekend to spend time with their parents. So if you thought of sending these people to travel on Saturday itself can you do extra thinking?

Not to mention that this so called big firm that having everything in place, they didn’t allow claiming according to the policy. Instead claim actual. Actual is fine …but imagine actual in food only. And probably taxi. How about phone calls or hotel internet? Cos in the policy this already being stated that claimable. You know, people who have family would like to give a phone call to their family. Is a long distance call mind you and I don’t think we should use our salary for that cos this is actually a business trip. It should be covered and considering you are a big firm and not company cap ayam. And furthermore, from the policy it’s stated that it claimable!. Ok ok I may spilled to much detail but I am frustrated with how things handled here and why we asian want to be treated this way. I know for the fact if it’s mat saleh, they will not get this kinda treatment. After 5 they will just go home, any outstanding they will cover tomorrow. If they need to work their butts off they ensure that they get paid well. They can’t finish their job they will divert that job. If they don’t know they get more expertise to come in.

This morning hubby wakes up a bit late..maybe he’s tired. He had to rush to work. It’s about 815 where both our child has woke up. The second one hardly sees his daddy that he cried out loud just to get his daddy attention. But daddy has to move…work is waiting. People there is impatient, cold blooded don’t have life (that is what mummy though). Daddy skipped his breakfast and drove fast to the office. I wonder if something bad happened (god forbid) but if really something bad happened, wouldn’t it be worth to stop and smell the roses?

Monday, June 30, 2008

Post anniversary, training and bali

Last week was my busy week as I am conducting training. Then during weekend we are on company trip to Bali. Today I am back in the office and feeling very tired. I should have just work from home today. Sigh…

Hubby will start to travel again next week, three weeks in total. That leaves me with nothing much to do during weekend. I’ll prolly bring the kids to sunway lagoon or travel to Singapore to my aunt house. I still don’t know yet. I fell so mundane today :(

I end up surfing internet all day long, reading blogs and current affairs in Malaysia. Trying to do some reading on BI but I guess my head is not really functioning well. I did some planning for my family trip. Just don’t know if that can be materialized either cos hubby is very tight with his current project.

Hurm maybe I update a bit on what happened during my anniversary day. We did celebrate this year. I met him in One U and we walk around to find each other a gift. He bought me an O* watch and I bought him a M* pen. We do a lot of catching up on what happened to each other life lately. We had dinner at sushi groove. It was really nice and we continue to chat until around 10 pm. We were thinking to watch a movie but nahh…we don’t have that energy during the courting time :p. Both of us feel very tired that we decided to retire.

It was good. The quality time spends and I just love his company. I think I have been blessed to have him as my hubby. He trusts my judgments almost all the time. ie: when I want to do girls thing like spa…facial… shopping. He knows that I will not overdo it. Despite all my nagging (I do nag), he still seems patience and calm. He didn’t leave the parenting and taking care of my two little kiddo by myself. I see people that their hubby just does their things. But not mine….which I feel very bless. They are things that we compromise…like stuff that I don’t like to do …he will do it …stuff that he doesn’t like to do…I’ll do for him.

I think I am still in my lovey dovey mood. Hubby just mentioned that he don’t know how to handle my lovey dovey mood hehe. Cos I will become clingy to him. He on the other hand will definitely be rimas haha. Just bear with me dear :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lazy and anniversarry

I am very lazy today. Can I announce today as my lazy day? Today is actually my anniversary. Rather than announce it as a lazy day maybe I can declare a public holiday for my anniversary. Hurm whatever…What I know for sure…I’ll be leaving office early today to celebrate the day with hubby.

Our marriage journey is pretty interesting. We made some financial mistake along the way but we get if fixed soon after that. Yeah the financial mistake was when we decided to move to USJ house. During my first pregnancy we decided to rent a house so that we don’t need to hop from one house to another (my parents or his parents). My parents offer his USJ house for us to stay temporarily. That time I was stationed in Cyberjaya and hubby in Menara Telekom. The house is actually rented to a group of bujang and all the way I think it makes more damage to the house. We take over the house, renovate a bit (with my parents help) and we furnish it even not all but we spend around 10k or more.

Soon we get Aariz and we are ready to move to the new house. I think we stayed for less than 6 months then hubby got a new job and that is where he was sent to Miri. They said it is for 3 months assignment. Soon the 3 months become 6. I tender my resignation to join another company. Then they start to offer me to work together with hubby in Miri. The house is left empty for a while and soon after we realize that is not a short term assignment…we rent out the house again. No luck cos the tenant run away after that. Then my father decided to sell the house. That time we just got married and to lose 10k unnecessarily for me is a financial mistake. On the good side, cos the house has been repaired and so called renovated. It’s easy to sell it off.

We got married and I got pregnant and we move to USJ house and soon after that we stayed in Miri. For 3 years…no joke. Who can predict that rite? Yeah so many things happening during that period, I conceive Fawwaz during one of the flight misfortune. We have to transit in KK for one night due to the bad weather. That is a scary flight experience. Luckily Aariz is not with us that time. But if he is…then Fawwaz is not here now :)

That is those days in Miri and all the USJ and whatever silly arrangement that we have. After Fawwaz delivery…and during the NZ assignment, that is where we grow our relationship. It becomes more stabil and we get to understand each other more. We value each other, we learn more about ourselves and our potential as good parents. He learns to be a husband and I learn to be a wife.

Now we are back in KL. We have been together for 5 years. Stronger I must say each day. I love you and I hope you love me too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The 5th anniversary

End of this week will mark 5 years of up and down our marriage. They are fun part, gaduh part, merajuk part, some scene, romantic one and most of it not so romantic one. Where all other couples can remember what they do or what they get for each of their anniversary, moi and hubby just don’t really remember any :D. I mean we can’t really point every each year what we really do and we don’t actually celebrate and have gifts for every each of it. Part of it is because of our work, sometime he will be far far away in I don’t know where land and most of time our budget is pretty tight.

I do remember we had a choc fondue for our first anniversary. Not a grand celebration as we just had our first born – abang. Second I think we both in Miri, where we dine in one of the dodgy but available hotel there. Third if I’m not mistaken, I was in KL or do we celebrate at the Italian restaurant in Miri? Hubby do you recall? Finally last year is where hubby in US, me in Perth and kids in NZ. The worst anniversary ever! They are no romantika things happening cos we merely just had our dinner and we have the kids around too. No exchange gift as well uhuk uhuk!

This year however, I’ll try to give a shot. Hurm we will have a romantic dinner just both of us (hehe I don’t know if we can even be romantic. Hubby is so annoying! Last week I brought him for a shoulder massage just both of us and he ends up annoyed me more!). We probably going to watch a live band together and sits comfortably with each other. I probably will buy him a gift and we’ll see if he’s going to buy me any.

Let see if we can materialize this. If not … waaaaaaa probably we both just don’t do romantic things.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I want !

I want i-phone, tag watch and Suzuki swift. I want to have bigger kitchen, with Electrolux hob, oven and hood. I want a facial package that can make my face luminous. I want a spa package to rejuvenate myself. I want …I want… and I want. The list could be longer and I am day dreaming day and night.

So honey bee. Which of my wish list can be granted? :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love her ...

I think everybody knows how a chatter box my kiddo is. Fawwaz is not too bad as we don’t really understand what he says yet. So we can pretend not to understand or divert him to other things. He will get cranky but that’s about it.

Abang on the other hand, is really testing everybody patience. With his why?. He is so curious to know every single thing. Some difficult question is like who is God? One day while watching the Friday khutbah, the imam is giving preach. Then he asked, is he God ? He understands that the person is doing a religious thing in a mosque. And as curious he is when only this imam does the talking while the rest obediently listening. Thank god my mom is there to help me out.

The other one fine day, we were watching Transformers just the two of us. This is his favorite’s movies that he can watch over and over again. While watching he says, I like the girl (the heroin). I just nodded. Then he says I like her tetek. I was so stunned with that statement. Luckily I am not just gone blank . You can’t say that abang…. It’s rude talking about other people private part. He looks at me and asks me why? And I start to explain to him. Why is rude and what he shouldn’t do and so and so. Which of course trigger more why!. After a while he said, ma, can I say I like her face or I like her ears. Hurm that sounds much better dear. That is OK.

I think I need to do more reading so that I can give better reasoning.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Green Car

Hubby bought his first car just few months before he got married to me. Yes he bought the car just because he wants to marry me I think: D. In the first place, he doesn’t need a car if he still bujang. One is because his motor kapcai still can do his good deeds. His office is near by his mum’s house and second….he has his loyal friend to bring him around.

After we got married, as mentioned we hoped from his house to my house. Either way, we actually use one car cos hubby will still go to the office with his motor kapcai. If we are staying at my mom’s house, I will drop him early in the morning at his mom’s house so that he can go to work. That is more fuel economical. Soon, when we start traveling he sells his car.

Practically we never own any car since then. My so called car has been passed to my sister. Whenever we are back to our hometown, I will choose any car at home to use for weekend. I think relatives and of course hubby family member’s thought we are being pampered enough just using my parent’s car….

This time round we are not so blesses to use any of the cars, so we need to buy ours. The feedback that we get:

Hubby’s mom : alhamdullilah..terkabul jugak doa mummy nak anak mummy ada kereta sendiri. Selama ni pinjam kereta bapak mertua la adik ipar la…hehe

Hubby’s dad : Tu kereta boy ke ? Kereta apa tu ? Hurm bagussss!

My uncle : Ni kereta bawak balik dari NZ ke? Bukan ? Habis beli dari sini ? Berapa duit muka ?

We actually didn’t really buy a big car… just a good second hand car. But people around seems very proud. Especially people from hubby sides. What people didn’t know, we actually has been paying almost the same amount of money to my parents when we don’t have any car. I figure out that people will looks us differently when we actually own stgh that is visible. I wonder if we move to our own house, what their reactions will be :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A lifestyle to maintain

I started my first job with a salary of 1970…and hubby started his with 2300 a month. We got married a year later, we both change our job and we get some increment. On top of the increment we get additional allowances that ease some of the burden. We move from his mom’s house to my mom’s house. Being a good child, we both help our parents by giving some amount of money. Yeah we are staying with them anyway…and we are married couple. Cannot show the ingratitude’s right.

With the increment money is still an issue. We travel quite far from home to the office. Hubby still rides his motor kapcai to work. I still use my parent’s car. We manage to save a little every month, and get insurance for each of us. Soon after that, we had Aariz. Expense goes up… and we really feel it. There are no such things of lifestyle for us. Everything lingers around the little boy. I remembered that I walk at ‘Annakku” stores, and they are offer of 300 for baby cot and stroller. I grab it…cos we don’t have that much to spend for graco or wat so not. Hehe, I feel terrible that time ..Imagine your society around are having a good lifestyle. And you not! Eating out to a fancy restaurant is usually not our option. Except if we are out with good friends, where they would like to eat at fancy restaurant. A part from that we try to become as moderate as we could. Although of course I do feel, why I can’t splurge like just the others. And I just be patient, so do hubby, I guess.

Since we got married, we treat our income as one income. Every end of the month, hubby will pull out spreadsheet, listing all the fixed and variable income. We allocate the money to the right bucket ie: jpa loan, mom’s money, bills, fuel for the month, basic expense for the months and such. And whatever remaining we save it. Rezeki from tuhan, every year we get an increment..and it always either his or mine, will be quite outstanding. We are stationed in Miri, soon after we get Aariz where everything is being paid. We both don’t have a car, a house or anything. So we keep em all, and only when we flyback to KL we splurge a bit, for us and our parents.
Then we were sent to NZ, for 1 ½ year assignment. We also live on allowances, which is around 2.5k a month. Of course everything else has been paid, the house, the bills and the cars. The money just for living allowances. And if we don’t convert, 100 dollars of groceries, is enough for one week and that includes all the chocolates, biscuits and whatever unnecessary. Add another 50 bucks for my baby Fawwaz milk and diaper…that is just bi-weekly.
Until early this year, where we finally decided, enough is enough and we want to be back in our backyard. Imagining that, how good it is to be back and how we could cope to be in KL once more. Get our own house and our own car by our name.

Little that I know, the inflation is here, and the price of everything goes up. Too long I think, I never spend hundreds..just for a simple groceries shopping. 300 ringgit just for my kids food, shampoo, shower gel, milk, cooking oil, fruit juice and yeah…just that!, 5 days, pro and fro, the fuel will be around 100 ringgit…hubby will be even worse, prolly around 120-150. Times by 4 weeks in a month, and also the tols…The same amount of money without conversion, I could live to the max back then….in NZ and also in Miri (no tol and everything is near). So much different if I earn 2.5k back in NZ and in Malaysia. Who are these people kidding saying that our price is cheaper than another country? Do you convert their money to our money? Then you are stupid as they are paid the same amount as what we been paid here and they can get a better lifestyle.

Is just that we are not 5 years ago, where we start with 1970 + 2300 a month. We still can breathe and be moderate still. What is another 5 years to be moderate….and never have a lifestyle. We probably meant not to have a lifestyle. What makes me think, I’m sure they are people around, that get paid around that, which what I had before, will they survive? Can they be moderate? Or they are just barely live their life? What are their kids been eating? Can they get the best for their kids? I don’t know. What I do know, thank god that I still not have that lifestyle to maintain. Just a lifestyle to live in moderate.

Monday, June 2, 2008


I just started my new job last week. Nothing much yet so I am pretty relaxed. We also trying to catch up with friends and family. Trying to find a new car and just last Friday we are proudly owner of a dark green car, which abang claim it was his. Not mama or papa’s car. This time round we are pretty sure to settle down here in our hometown. No more long term travel that is what has been agreed between us. We will see where our life is leading to in this few years time. For now hubby got a KL based project. As for me… overseas project but I will be stationed in Bukit Jalil.

Life has been pretty hectic. We are not settling yet. Just last week our shipment arrive and I need to rearrange the content of the boxes, getting out things that we must use and keep aside other stuff that is not necessary . Out of 22 boxes I manage to clear 12 of them and now left with 10 boxes waiting to be shifted once our new house is ready:). I have found a kindy for Aariz aka abang. Just a half day session so that he can continue his English communication skill and learn how to socialize. Abang is a bit bossy, so he really needs to be in his peer group environment to learn to give and take. Still in the midst of finding a maid, to help my parents around while taking care of my two cheeky monkeys.

We are getting used with the traffic and tols. For me it is still not bad cos I just need to drive along kesas highway. At least the traffic will just be because of the stupid design of kesas highway which is not too bad if I go out around 830 or 9 in the morning. Hubby need to go pretty early if he wants to reach the office early. Else he will go out around 830 as well just to wait all the traffic clear.

I have all my weekend booked. Since day one we arrive here wedding every weekend and this time round I will not missed my 2 good friends wedding. One is my very dear primary school friend, syura….I am happy for you!!!!. Second is my officemate from my first job which is actually my uni mate. But we are only get along when we met in our first company. Not to forget my hubby’s sister will get married this coming weekend. There goes my melaram session with my baju kurung that I kept for hurmmm prob few years haha.

More updates later…

The conclusions

(this entry shld be posted last month :D)

This is it…we have ship our stuff. Tomorrow ill be disconnected from the internet and flying out to Auckland. Wednesday we will be leaving New Zealand and return to our home country. The verdict… I love this country…but of course I love my own country more. If I’m given an option to be a permanent resident here, I’ll probably give a try.

Life here is pretty much relaxing. If not because of the project that we were in and also the culture and nature of our parent company, we probably can enjoy the truth relax lifestyle that the kiwi’s are having.
The place we are staying is a small oil town called New Plymouth. I call it a small town cos for me it’s really small. Once they are a case where a friend of my officemate lost his slr camera. The next few weeks he found his slr being sold in the cash converter. That explain how small the town is (or prob how stupid the thief).

Anyway the office is just 5-10 minutes away from where I live. Some of my officemate ride a bicycle to the office. The nursery/kindy is near to my office, 5 minutes walk. The kindy is very good I think. The kid’s love it…it has a large compound where they can choose to play indoor and outdoor. Plenty of toys and lot’s of activities. Here I even afford to go out during lunch to send them to the swimming class and return to the office in time. The swimming center is 5-10 minutes from the office.

Most of the mom’s here can opt to work part time. This is the best part that we hardly get this from our country. Even if we do get to work part time…I imagine we still reach home at 5 or 6 due to the traffic jam ….You can opt to work 3 days a week or 4 days a week. Or you can opt to work 9-3 everyday.

Cost of living is pretty much reasonable. The groceries is cheaper…(if we don’t convert). We spend around 100-150 a week including diapers and baby milk. I don’t know how my spending will be in KL. But im pretty much prepared for the worst.

Family wise, we learn to help each other and divide our chores and responsible. I feel more for my hubby and kids. I learn more individually…all the potential that I didn’t know I had. I cooked, I cleaned, I take care my 2 child by my own, I take care my hubby, I take care my self, I ironed and washed cloth…but sweeping, vacuum, mopping, cleaned the fish and chicken still my hubby chores. I don’t like to do yucky stuff haha. We actually grow and proudly can claim that we are independent now :D

On the other hand, I can’t really wait to go back home. One will be I miss my family and friends. I miss the social life that I have back there, the spa, massage, the food…. yummy and the dosage of my retail therapy. That of course Malaysia will still be the absolute winner.

Winter is approaching here….that is another reason that I must return to Malaysia. Bye bye New Zealand….till we meet again!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baking Project

Baking is my obsession …is like an addiction to me. So today the project will be baking my first Sarawak layered cake. I knew for the fact that I will need to spend hours and hours to get it completed hence the intention to make it has been delayed since a month a go. What a lazy mom :p. Anyway right after lunch today I start to measure all the ingredient. The recipe is pretty simple but the method is very tidiest.

For this recipe, first we need to beat the white egg until fluffy. Next, pour in the sugar, yellow egg (we need 15 eggs for this) and last the butter. I think I made my first mistake here. The egg yolk is not properly being separated from the white egg. I just realize the correct method to separate that when I get to the 5th egg I think…haha. Then next is on the butter. I forgot to take out the butter from the fridge. Usually we need to bring it out the night before so that the butter is soft. But the pandai me actually just put the butter under the sun…but it’s not that soft enough when I put in the mixture. End up I get a gritty batter even after I wait like half an hour to get it dissolved. I just continue as per instruction to make a white and choc batter.

Now is the baking part. The rule to bake the layered cake is using the ‘top fire’ setting on the oven. What I didn’t know is that for the first layer I need to use ‘top and bottom fire’ setting in order to make the layer cooked. I actually did 3 layered until I realized that I’m using the wrong method. After getting it corrected (for the next layer and so on)…I happily baked until the very final layer. This time I actually do a multitasking preparing prawn fritters for afternoon tea. During the last layer I supposed to change the setting for ‘top fire’ to ‘top and bottom’ fire. Instead I just set the minutes to 10 and not changing the setting…soon enough I smell burnt and aiyoh my cake top layer is already starting to burnt. Quickly I stop the oven and adjust the setting. It doesn’t save the first layer tho so my first layered cake is not as what I expected. Again is my first attempt . I shall try it again…overall the cake can be eaten and what I need to do is just remove the top and the bottom layer.

I now have extra of 10 white eggs. So I’m making meringue just for fun. Will update with picture later.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My humming bird

We had a lovely lunch at Elthem today. Watie and co has cooked some Indonesian meal, not sure what they call it for the fish. But it looks like ikan masak singgang to me. Fried chicken, labu masak lemak, mee hoon goreng, prawn fritters and we have our Indonesian friend brought gado2, tempeyek, and plenty other more. Thanks to Watie and family for the wonderful meal. I actually eated almost everything and the kids enjoy it too. Fawwaz is pratically munching the food from the momment we arrive until we leave the house. I am full till now!

Anyway today I feel like writing about my sons. Let’s talk about Aariz first. With him, we need to do a lot of reasoning. He is a talkative young boy. He can chat non stop asking this and that. The poor parents sometime lost word to explain why and what so not. Take for example. When we both were working…. they are times that Aariz don’t feel like going to school. So he will ask why ma…we have to go to school…why you need to work and why we have to wake up early in the morning…and the entire why early in the morning. So to shut him up, I plainly explain to him….you know darling…if you keep on asking why and not quickly get dressed papa will be late and the boss will pull his ears. Then his eyes will roll…..Pull papa ears? Like you pull my ears?..Yeah I said. Then he quietly gets dressed and obediently goes to school. Sometime…after school if any of us gets stuck in the of us will pick them up and bring them to the office. So after the earlier conversation…one day we brought him to the office where they are quite a few people still remain in the office. He sat there quietly, looking around and suddenly the golden question pop out. Mana boss papa? Haha …I was quite surprise with that question cos seems that he remember our conversation a while ago. Luckily my boss is not in the office. So I tell him that …he went back already…He looks pretty disappointed. Then I ask why….you want to see which one boss papa that pulls his ears? Yeah he said… He probably very interested to see which one is the person that has higher authority than his papa. That can pull papa’s ears….haha.

When we give reasoning that teaches him on how to reason too and improve his negotiating skill. He is very expert on this. Like when we are in the pool...and it's time to go. If i said is enough. Then he will say ....can i play another 2 more time (water slides)..and if i quickly nodes with a smile...he will say...err 3 time please. so ok he get's 3...then on the way they are another water slide he will say ...3 more time...and this time i will say no. please ma...last last ...i need it ma...3 more time...please...ok how to say no to i will say yes but only 3 times and we are heading back home after that. no more smiling. then he understood that he has reach the limit. else the 3 time can multiply by 3. They are one time he manage to buy 30 more minutes from me. How cheeky is that?

As for fawwaz…he is now 18 mons…still not many proper word coming out from his mouth yet but lot’s and lot’s of mumbling. I wonder why my boys are very talkative. Aren’t men/boy should be less talking? Anyway… he can utter few words like than you ..nak susu…nak ammy (makan) nak yakkkk..that is his favorite one. We think is not only when he is doing his big job…even when he wee wee he will say nak yak…imagine every few hours he will come to us and say…yak yak yak and showing his pampers. I have been conned few times by him. He said dah yak …and pull me to the toilet..yeah his pretty clever on this. He doesn’t like his nappies become very each time he feels that it need to be changed he will ask us to go to the toilet with him. So that few times that I have been conned is where I already undress him and when I open his still ok. It just that the nappy is sort of like not properly put on haha. The other thing that he loves the most is singing!...He can sing the I love you (barney version), Twinkle2 little star and one new Zealand rugby soundtrack. Sometime he will just walk around the house singing/humming…they are one morning when only hubby and fawwaz are awake, while hubby brushing his teeth or stgh, fawwaz at the other side of the bathroom holding the tips of the towel pretending that is a mic and start singing for good 5 minutes. Yeah he can’t really talk yet ..but he can sing..and they are real words coming out from him. I hope he will not become a rock star.

Yeah that is my two boys…When they wide awake I feel like can u please go to sleep..when the asleep I will gatal2 come and kacau them. Which always irks hubby. For me ..i just love em.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Elthem for makan2

Tomorrow we are going to Elthem…”we” in this case are me and the kids and few indonesian wifey with their kids as well. So much socializing when I am officially becomes a housewife. We have been invited by a Malaysian family to have makan2 before I fly back to Malaysia.

I have heard about them (watie and ridzuan) since last year but only met them last week at Ita’s house (the Indonesian). Ridzuan is a slaughterer and according to them they are many Malaysian stays at that area and most of them work as slaughterer too. Of course in the foreign country we always get excited to met people from our own country. And with our culture, makan2 is something that we can’t get rid off. So tomorrow not sure what the meal are but I am really looking forward ……. to eat decent Malaysian food that is not cook by moi haha. Thanks Watie.

I’ll be making some dessert for tomorrow and I have promised to make brownies and bread pudding. So brownies project started at 10.30 tonite … that has made hubby eyes rolling …me and my pemalas tapi nak buat jugak attitude. Hopefully the brownies turn OK. As for the bread pudding ill probably will do it first thing in the morning.

Ting!!! OK the brownie is ready now….Will see how tomorrow goes.

Housewife and Swimming Class

Being a housewife is not easy as I thought. I do need to wake up early in the morning cos this 2 cheeky monkey will open their wide eyes latest at 7.30 in the morning. And once they open their eyes…they will start jumping and running around the house. If I’m lucky enough, papa will still be around to feed them and bath them (cos they poo early in the morning as well). Else I will need to carry my lazy ass or they will start jumping and screaming on my ears asking me to wakes up.

Once I have feed them, then they will start playing and i will need to prepare lunch. I enroll Aariz for swimming classes and the schedule is at 10 everyday during school holiday. This is his second term. If I get the lunch ready before we went out then I can send hubby lunch box at work and by the time we came back after the swimming class both my kids will be really hungry. Then will start with the laundry and sorting the cloth and cleaning the house and the list will go on and on. Nor that I can get nap during the day…hish!

On aariz swimming class, he can’t really swim by his own yet. He can float, dunk his head in the water and he’s pretty alright in the water. Here in New Zealand, they really encourage people to learn how to swim. At cost of RM65 they will teach one hour lesson a week for 10 weeks. The public pool is very near to the office and during his first term where i actually still working, i went out during lunch time, pick aariz up and send him to the swimming class..wait for one hour then bring him back to his kindy and i went back to the office. Only in New Zealand i can do this :)

During his first term, they are 4 kids in one session. You can see that all the kids are not really keen to put their heads or ears in the water for the first session. And it’s pretty interesting to see how the instructor try to encourage them to do so….by the third or 4th session the kids already can dunk their head and be in the water for few second. They can now jump to the pool rather than using stairs to get into the pool. Swimming using “boya” is no longer a problem….by the 10th session, 1 of them can do a few strokes…But not aariz hehe. He still phobia with the last 3 sessions. What happened is that the instructor will bring them to the deep pool. Then ask them to jump and obviously they can’t reach the ground. With this exercise, some really can try to do few strokes to get to the instructor which is just a meter away. But aariz haha, he practically touch the ground and by the time the instructor get him, he already panicking….nevermind’ll get there.

While aariz attended his swimming class for the second term, I will personally train fawwaz in the other pool hehe. Not that his mum can really swim but I just get him into the circle “boya” and let him walk around the pool. Sometimes he will just float using his ”boya”. And when I dunk his head in the water…he didn’t cry. Instead give me a look like “do you want to kill me?” And he loves the water slide as well. Tak padan dengan kecik.

For sure I would like to continue this when I’m back in my hometown. I will bug my parents to bring them to the pool every week so that they will not lose whatever that we have started here. It just to find what is the nearest pool as where we staying are really in the middle of nowhere.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


God knows how many drafts I have made and none of them I publish it here. It’s all unfinished and we hardly have time to really do stuff for ourselves. It makes me lazy as well and at the end, rather than updating my blog…. I spend time reading other people blog.

It’s nearly the end of our life in kiwi land. 14 months to be exact and it’s not that long actually. But we can’t wait to get our butt off this country. No it’s not that I don’t love the people and the place. Living as contractor where you don’t really have control in your life and not knowing when the client will ditch us …all the uncertainty. I think it’s enough. I resign!!! Haha. I am now officially unemployed, stay at home mom but wait…don’t be too excited *wink wink*. It’s only for one month as I will start my new job soon.

OK so what happened during the silence? September is Fawwaz’s birthday. So he had his birthday bash at school where I made a medium size banana muffin for him to share with his friends and teacher. And also hubby birthday…he got me a spanking new camera for his birthday….errr who’s birthday again????

October… I don’t really remember what happened ...oh is it Ramadhan or stgh? We celebrate ramadhan for the first time far far away from pasar ramadhan hehe. It’s pretty interesting fasting during winter cos we break fast around 5 stgh and sahur around 3pm…..

Oh and we flew back to Malaysia for Hari Raya…not really on the first day of raya but second week of hari raya. It’s a short trip but we enjoy it. Hubby needs to fly back to NZ first…and I have to fly to Perth for the implementation. I drag my lil brother to NZ as I need an extra hand to help with 2 kiddos during the flight. That is around November.

December…it’s my birthday and guess what…what do we do? I don’t remember…Nearly go live for the project implementation and sure is we are busy like a bee…

January onwards is where we went live. Life pretty much revolves on the routine and works. Kids are getting better in their English. I will update more about them later.

As of now, I will enjoy my new role as full time house wife. And probably if I rajin enough…I’ll start to write on our 2 weeks trips of South Island.