Thursday, December 23, 2010


Not yet! I am still here in the office ;). Not even dare to take any leave as they are so many pending work that need to be completed. Though I walk and work like a snail, my passion doesn't stop me from going to the office. Hehe tipu sebenarnya, if my husband is not in the same building I might be working from home je sekarang ni. Definitely I am not fit to drive already. Tummy resting on my lap, mengah2, nak terkucil la ngan false contractions lagi haih!.

This is the stage where you really want it to be over as soon as possible. Tapi of course baby is safer to be inside until the time come. I can start to write a long whining post about my condition now but I shall stop on that :p. So let's concentrate on what is interesting.

As usual they are so many things I like to plan in my life la kan. Keep on planning, some plan fly through, some plan kena abandon ship. Like really I want to have a nice travel plan for this year but since I had my miscarriage late last year and my work went up and down and suddenly get pregnant again, no long haul travel plan get materialized. Poor my kids keep on complaining about why we are stuck here not going anywhere. Huh but not going anywhere pun at least we bring them to local tourist places byk jugak. Poodah la budak2 ni!.

The latest craze that my hubby and me have in our mind is to tear up the house he bought in PJ and rebuild again. Actually the house is where his mom's stayed currently and due to some family financial issue he bought over the house. It's quite old already, leaking here and there. Since I kinda like my current job and hubby potential work is all over KL and PJ area as well, maybe moving to PJ is not a bad idea after all. Contradicting with what I have thought for the past few years. But traveling from KL to Klang is really killing me and I would really appreciate if the house is near to the office I can at least inspect my kids during lunch hour, or get back earlier if I had the chance. Well it's all about how to bring our kids closer to us actually.

I know the fact that my parents will miss the kids so much, but it will not stop them from 'kidnapping' the kids during weekend or school holiday. I even thinking about calling ustaz every Friday night for some Quran lessons where my parents and in laws can come over and we had a family boding during this time. Then of course they can sleep over or bring the kids back to Sijangkang.

So the plan...(berangan mode) is year 2011 to get the architect to draw our house plan then get all the necessary approval to tear up the house. Then by end of the year of 2011 is to start demolishing the house then building early year 2012. We have started to look for a potential architect and house design. I actually draw the house plan already with my imagination. Of course having a little cat fight with hubby here and there since both of us have poor creative imagination when come to building/designing a house and to make sure that we are align on this.

So this is one sample of the house that is 50% like what we have imagined....

The most important part is the kitchen. Well it always the kitchen that I dream off first.However until now I can't find a sample that is similar to what I have visualize. Have to keep on searching or maybe just get the architect to advice me on that.

I feel better of spilling what is my recent berangan mode. Owh some of you might wonder what happen to my previous berangan mode of having that super mini cooper car right ? Dah terkubur la after weighing the pros and cons. Bak kata my colleague...tu semua nafsu sahaja.

Anyway they are more berangan idea in my list. Is just this one is taking half of the space in my mind besides works. That way it takes my mind away from whining and complaining about my current condition and thinking bile lah baby ni nak pop out :D

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's almost there

I really think it will come sooner than the EDD date. My EDD date suppose to be on the 19th if January which is 6 weeks away from now. I know that during my previous 2 pregnancy I deliver earlier by 2-3 weeks so I have anticipated that it might be end of December or early Jan. However all the sign of having early labor has started and it's kinda freak me out haha. I don't know why I'm freaking out this time. Workload maybe...I still feel that they are a lot more to settle. I have training next week followed by mock up session where I have sent out the invitation list.

Then baby be honest I just have 4 pairs of baby clothing with me now. Few other items are ready but they are more to buy!!!. My hospital bag is not even ready yet! I haven't buy my maternity socks...I am very particular with socks so I need to get a good one else I won't wear any. My room at my mom's house still in a mess though thank God that I have slowly started to clean it up for the past few days. Gosh seriously...what am I thinking!!!

This is why I think that the time is near. Which I hope I still have 2-3 weeks to go. First I get really clumsy and tired now. I mean more clumsier...I start to lose my focus, patient over things. What I need is just to rest ...and sleep and rest and sleep. Last weekend we stayed in Traders Hotel for a wedding reception. Since I know I'll be heavy by this time I don't want to commute from my house to KL. We stayed there but end up I sleep most of day time and watch TV at night. I just attended the dinner and skip the rest. Feel soooo relaxed doing that which snap me that alamak...this is exactly the signal that I have when I about to give birth for my first 2 boys.

Then I felt that baby has hit my pelvic. You know when you sit and you feel something hard pressing your pelvic. That is a sign of the baby "drops". Followed by frequent visits to the loo and again not be able to sleep at night. Perfect combo right! I asked my regular makcik urut to come over as I feel so uncomfortable. She gave me a good full body massage and while doing her thing on my tummy I ask her how far more...very close she replied haha.

Nesting instinct start to kick in as well. I mention earlier how my room is still in a mess. Yes before this I don't really care if it's in a mess or not. Now I start to be really concern with how the room looks like. The arrangement and everything. Feeling like throwing all the unnecessary things in my room right now. Feels like dolling up the baby cot. Hurm!

My parents were about to confirm their trip to Egypt today. I quickly told them that no way they are going now! Please do not risk going and if I really have early labor, I might faint by myself here. So much dependent on my parents right. Yeah I have too. Who's going to cook for me? Unless I am allowed to eat Mc Donald, KFC or Pizza Hut during my confinement period!.

Anyway, when the time comes it will. I just have to slowly finish whatever outstanding in the office. If not, the whole team need to come over and visit me for the handover haha, instead of visiting the baby ;). Pray for me yeah for a smooth delivery. The boys outside can't wait to see the boy inside...and so do I !