Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have many friends...But they are a few that touch my heart. Some I might not keep in touch. Some I do. For this friends of mine ... I love them so much but I keep it in my heart. Not sure if they know...but they are just very few of them.

Friend from primary school. They should know who they are! We went cycling around the village, where nobody went there. We ride motorbike together and racing here and there. We do silly things together and we can accept each other sarcasm.

Friend from secondary, they are few that I admire and I love having them around. We fly out from our hostel and get a bus to KL. We went out for co curriculum but sneak out to one of our friend’s house. Spending the night in the dark when the whole peninsular having a blackout. We celebrate our final day of SPM by going out watching movie and being silly at Pizza Hut.

Friend from university, I made a lot of good friend...too many of them depending on which semester I am. We remains friends and I felt special meeting them on a special occasions.

True friends very hard to find. But I am bless to have many that I can rely on.

Though I wish that I can repeat those sweet memories that I have with my friends...especially those who are my true friends. I know that we all have to move on.

Love you all :p

Belog ni sebab saya tgh rindu kawan secondary school saya. Kawan primary school jgn jeles :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

From guccissima to cotton mania !

Most of us have a dream to become a stay at home mom. One of my friend has move one step closer to her dream. She has open an online boutique selling a nice cotton range with attractive colours and reasonable price. Believe me I went over to her house last weekend and the cotton are smooth and soft that if you turn it into a dress or blouse, it may cost like a few hundred bucks from Zara and others.

So ladies...go and start shopping online at your cotton.

You'll not regret it! ;) - Gambar ni is my cotton soon to be a nice dress ;)

Finally the wait...

For those who ask... I finally bought as below. My sister went to London and she just sauk what ever she saw first and I have to settle with sukey medium tote in canvas with white handle. Masih drooling leather sukey in dark brown or off white but it's ok. It will always be next time kan sayang kan kan kan hehe.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cupcakes project

I think the blog dah bersawang sket.

So some update. During the weekend I have a task to deliver 200 cupcakes for my dear schoolmate wedding. She requested for orange and chocolate flavor. I manage to find a nice orange muffin recipe and alter the recipe a bit to give more orange taste. As for the choc muffin, it has been quite a challenge to do as most of the recipe that I get, it doesn't give me the choc taste that I am looking for. I experiment a few recipe and finally decided to alter 2 recipe into 1. And the a yummylicious choc muffin as the output.

I manage to turn out 100 of the muffin into a nice cupcake with butter cream icing. Tho the icing is a bit sweet I am determine to make it better next time.

The muffin/cupcake project will never be a success with a help of my school friend Azma, my primary school teacher and of course my dear husband....They have assist me to complete the task within the time frame... Not bad for first timer right !

I know some of you will ask for the recipe but it's pretty late now...I promise I'll post the recipe later. As of now enjoy the picture ;)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Azab dunia

Lepas abis jek azab keje anak2 demam...lepas anak2 demam mak demam...belum baik demam mak nak kena siapkan 200 cupcakes for my friend punya wedding...lepas tu kena siapkan presentation utk bebudak uni plak....wah wah ... mak pening

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My hubby is a geek part 2

Scene 1 :

Mama : Dear bile you nak drillkan gambar2 ni

Papa : OK OK nanti I buat (ulang tayang scene seminggu sekali. Lepas 6 bulan pindah rumah baru 6 gambar kena drill)

Scene 2 :

Mama : Dear bile nak betulkan sink bocor kat bilik bebudak tu

Papa : OK nnt weekend I buat (sampai hari ni tak buat2)

Scene 3 :

Papa : Dear I belikan you bb

Mama : (excited) Esok jek la you setupkan bb I dah lewat dah ni...jom tido

Papa : Takpe2 I nak transferkan data dari hp lama you..kejap jek...( dah sejam masih lagi godek2 benda tu. Tak tau sape yg excited...mama ke papa )

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet little thing

I was telling my colleague about how relieve I am that the project is finally over. I am enjoying my one week going to the office do nothing besides surfing the net. Final week before I move to my next project.

While chatting, then he started to ask if I have bought the handbag that I am eyeing for. I was like the process lah. Then all of sudden we were chatting about hand bag...and mind you my colleague is a male...haha didn’t I tell you before that I work with guys mostly.

Now motif apa I cerita hand bag dengan dia and he listen to me attentively.

Rupenya nak belikan wife dia hand bag...Sweet !

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It has been always my dream to do a charity work to help others. My goal is one day I can retire to take care my children and at the same time do some charity work. Thanks to my friend now the dream is one step closer. I will elaborate more when the time is nearer.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Free Review : Sembunyi Spa

Want to hide at Sembunyi Spa? Well I did today after a few weeks of long hours ...I can’t bear the pain on my body so thanks to Friday where we have 2 hours break. I took the opportunity just to relax and get my deserve treat! OK at this junction of my life...any treat are welcome as long it can ease my pain of working 10-12 hours every day.

I read a few review before about the massage which is not so good in Sembunyi Spa. Hence even the Spa is just next to my office, I didn’t dare to try it out. But today I just try my luck and walk into the Spa and pretty much surprise what they have in store for me. I reach there around 12.30 and they said the therapist is out for lunch. They ask me to wait but I’m wondering what do I possibly do in half an hour’s time. Then quickly she suggested me to use the facilities first, the Jacuzzi and the Sauna room. As always I like sauna so yeah why not ....sweating without effort ...I like haha.

So I check in myself for an hour massage with the free facilities. They will give a key to your locker where you can find a pair of slippers, sleeveless shirt, sarong, two disposable panties, and few more other things. After change and take a quick shower you can have your usual Jacuzzi and steam yourself just after that. Oh boy that really help to relieve my body ache and also make me wide awake. You know for not having enough sleeps, this treat really make you feel better? Btw the facilities in the changing room, sauna and Jacuzzi is clean and presentable. It is small compared to Andana Spa but it serve its purpose. After almost half an hour there, I went off to get my massage.

Ok peeps, I did my mistake here...I wear the sarong during my Jacuzzi, how silly is that ? So now I don’t have anything to wear to the massage room :p...OK I do have ok just that not with the sarong :p. Anyway before the massage session they provide you with hot wet towel and a small cup of cold ginger tea. The wet towel smells minty and I love it so much...Then I lied down and the massage session starts!.

I always have this friendly 5 minutes chat to get to know my masseur and her experience. The masseur is pretty experienced and she did her job pretty well!. The pressure, the air conditioner temperature is just right for me. I told her that my problem is mainly on my shoulder and she did concentrate more on that area. Unlike some other places especially when I was in Bali. Even I have mentioned on where is my problematic area, they just did according to what they have to do and not concentrating on those area. After we finish our massage the interesting part is they will leave you for 5-10 minutes before they ask you to get up. That give me some time just to close my eyes for a while and relax a bit before they came in again and help you to sit and wipe you with hot towel.

They close the session by serving me warm water with slice of lemon and also a desserts. One hour massage with the hospitality and facilities cost me around RM160++ .
The verdict! Good and you have to try it yourself.

I have not get the chance to go around and see what others they can offer you as I am rushing back to the office. But definitely will come back again during weekend to really enjoy the spa. I saw they are one small lap pool where you probably can sits there before or after your treatment and also a gym room. For price you can refer here Sometimes they have some promotion that is value for money so you can check out from the website or give a call directly to check for that.

So ladies...jom spa ?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Serious Thought

Let’s get some serious thinking entry after a few shots of berangan and shopping entry for the past few days.

I am actually planning for a mini playgroup to be held at my house sometime in January. Little that I know the project that I am in require a 100% commitment including weekends. So the plan has been postponed.

The playgroup inspired after I am sending my child to a Chinese kindergarten and I am pretty alarm as they mention that during moral they might be touching some part of Christianity. No please do not think otherwise first. It is like when we send our kids to a Malay kindergarten or Islamic kindergarten where we have our doa before meals...and I guess the other non muslim kids have to understand that.

The part if Christianity that she is trying to explain is part of our Muslim practise as well. Example when we want to teach them about why the world is created and we will says God create the world and the reasons or when we want to say about not doing bad thing we says God don’t like us to do bad thing.

But the difference is when we say God and the non muslim says God we need to be clear on what are the message. As I am convinced the message is to instil a good moral and I am pretty much ok. And as a mother I need to play my role as well so that my kids know why is he is a muslim and understand himself on how to become a good person and practice Islam as his way of life. And as much as we want to protect him, I’d rather him to face it and understand why are we different from other people in terms of religions, races, behaviour so that they can fit in the world in a better manner and still become himself. That is where the playgroup idea came along.

The first playgroup will involved parents and I would like to have a story telling sessions performs by one of the parents to tell the kids on the great warriors of Islam, moral base on Islam like why are we fasting during ramadhan, why do we need to perform prayers and so on. Ok not so much one topic is enough for the first session but that is the idea. To get them interested knowing the history of Islam from us the parents.

Next we probably will do some experiments with the kids, science experiments and for the first session I have asked my hubby to do a volcano experiments. I hope the kids will be thrilled to see the lava coming out from the volcano later.

Some other time I would like the kids take turn to talk about their favourites toys or anything so that they can boost their confidence level. We could bake cookies together or do some other amazing stuff. Those are the ideas that I have so far and would probably try to make a several sessions with same crowd or maybe different crowd.

Well I really hope I can materialize this. But even with that we already take some proactive measure by sending him to Iqra’ class and we ourselves tell them some stories from the Quran. A lot more effort required and we are trying our best to educate them.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Masih busy

You know what I do when I am busy ? Like now...this current project that has been extended the go live date and we still have to work round the clock just to meet the deadline?
I eat and I eat a lot of food and junk food. I shop and do impulse shopping whenever I had the chance!.

Tho the money is I am paid by hours/day...but I'd rather have my life back and be normal and do normal things and eat like normal people!.

Please help!