Thursday, October 28, 2010

Road trip to Penang...again :)

We are heading to Penang….again! Why we love this place so much? I don’t know. Maybe the food and the hotel…it’s just a good combo. Our idea lately for vacation is not to look around places. Especially with my current state now!… The only thing I want to do is to laze around and have a good food. At the same time giving the pleasure for the kids to roam around freely and happily (of course with supervision ;))

Anyway we stayed in Park Royal several time and I find that the hotel is a bit old but clean. The pool is huge but small area for kid’s pool. However something worth to shout out loud is the breakfast!!!! The spread is wonderful with a lot of varieties. We love the most is the char kuew tiow! The best in town..I mean for hotel standard not hawker standard yah.

When Hard Rock is up and running we just have this itchiness in ourselves just to drove down there and experience it. The hotel is new and clean, the room we’ve got is hurm…new and clean :p but nothing much to shout on that. It is spacious where I can just put a comforter and let my kids’ sleeps on it. The breakfast is so so…errr actually I don’t like it at all. But really something to shout about is the kid’s pool where it is so huge and has a few sections that suits my kids well. They end up staying in the pool for the whole day and just out for lunch and that’s it. Other than that we just love the live band…. Too bad we can’t enjoy much as the kids are too sleepy by then. But they were good too.

This trip we decided to try out another hotel along there as well. Will not reveal the hotel name yet but definitely I am going to give a review on the hotel perhaps with picture. You know we do take picture but most of it resides inside our hard drive and that’s about it. Too lazy to transfer it in the blog or even facebook.

I am of course pretty excited with this trip. Is just that last night when I do my routine ‘check-in’ to the toilet then I was asking myself. What am I getting myself into? The 4 hours journey …what happen if I really need to pee or hungry haha :p. Well I guess I just have to sort that out during the journey.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Everything in a mess!

How do we move in a team if no one else want to move? If only you that is willing to move?

How much do I need to sacrifise?

Do I need to abandon my dream now ?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

26 weeks and counting

I am 26 weeks now. Tummy is growing and sometimes I just forgot that I'm pregnant. Yeah been running here and there, attending this and that. Drafting and planning, discussing and laughing and yeah we have to do acting and dancing too. No kidding hehe. The interesting part is that I am not stress yet. Not yet as of today but of course I am tired. Hence I forget about me being pregnant and suddenly lately my tummy start to harden, hard enough for me to notice and to be worried. Is it not too soon ?

As a precaution I take a step back and start seeing doctor. Thank God after a few test, everything shows that my pregnancy is normal and she subscribe me some medicine to reduce the frequency of hardening. Sweet enough that my concern doctor will always want to subcribe me sick leave but I am so used for not taking any. She gave me 2 days anyway but stubborn me what did I do? I still go to the office thinking about certain stuff that is still pending. Resulted that I get a massive cramping in the evening that I have to get my poor husband rushed out from an important meeting to send me home (not really rushed out as I give him 20 mins to settle things down).

In the car I get a very sharp look from my husband and of course a long lecture :p. While I try to be chatty and tahan sakit as the cramping come and go and keep on asking if he love me. What if I die, I will not let him be in peace if he marry another women. As I have invested time waiting for him to climb his career. I will come back and haunt him and so and so :p. Of course to annoy him enough until the conversation goes to the new handbag that I still didn't get up till to date hehe.

That is btw my update for my pregnancy so far. Today I feel much better resting at home while doing some housekeeping on pending item. At least I am not moving around that much so I did get my rest. Except that the second one decided not to go to his kindy when he saw me at home. Start to of course kacau me whenever he has the chance. I kinda miss staying at home :p

On the other note I get freak out to think about the year end is nearing. So many things to do. I have not start to buy anything yet for the newborn. No idea what to get either. Then by the time I have to start buying stuff for the newborn, then we have to start preparing Aariz for his primary school. Yeah I know I've been babbling about this on and on and on. But seriously help! I dont know when to start and if it's too early to start ! haha. I read some blog they are people start buying some cloth, bottles and even diapers. Here I am still not ready to buy anything yet. Help me please!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

About maid

I am now actively searching for a local maid. But since it is not easy as we need to really reach out to people from kampung2 and such, I still open my option tiny option to the foreign maid. Which I learn a lot and I get really mad now. To get a foreign maid if u directly call the agent from Indonesia, they will ask you around RM4000 to RM5000 fees. And that my dear friend is not with a proper work permit or even a medical check up. I do not know how this people can have a cheek to ask for RM4000 without first the maid don't have a proper document, second they are not trained and third, their medical condition is not being checked. Imagine the disease and all other social issue that we potentially bring in to Malaysia ?

Next when I reach out from the local agent, the fees can goes up to RM6000 or even more. The more interesting part is, some of them is already in Malaysia with out a passport!. OK tell me now how on earth this people can get into Malaysia without any passport ???? The reasons I know about this is because I've got a phone call from one of the agent asking me RM1800 for the introduction fees, one month warranty and if I'm happy with her than they will proceed with passport application which require more cost. And I was like what??? How the hell are you getting this people in here without any passport. I'm so gonna make a report on this. One thing that I'm not sure if my report will be taken seriously or not. Passport is one thing than another things is their work permit and health screening. Seriously I am not sure what are we getting ourselves into.

I know I am desperate for help. But I am not desperate to sacrifise my country. Bringing in people without proper health check and not even with identification is causing a lot to our economy and social. Not to mention the price that we have to pay for this middle man. And I tell you they are arrogance because they know people are desperate. Why we let ourselves to be desperate and get ourselves into this? I am trying to be strong by not falling into any illegal transaction and also by not paying more than I think what the agent deserve to get. Though I know it's battle that is hard for me to win, but I am very sure that if all of us can resist of selling our country for a small price. This things won't happen.

Sad case that some of them who are hired ran away after the employee has put so much money and sacrifising their country. I know some of the employer even can sense that the maid is going to run away, or already have a problem and just let them be. Reasons why, argh I don't want to think about it and at least it save the cost and trouble of me sending the maid home. Please people, if you know your maid is already a trouble to your family, what can they do to the society? Imagine that because of these people overflowing our country, one day your kids might fall in love and start to get married with immigrants with lot's of social problem? Or your parents died because this people go inside your house and rob and kill your family too? Look around and be responsible to your maid. If you can't please don't start to have one. Do not terminate and not sending them back home. It is your responsibility.

I know as working parents living in this country is a bit hard. We need helper because we work more than 8 hours. Our office is far from our home and we just need to have the extra hand to look after our kids. The nursery is not efficient, the process to get maid is not siding us and 1001 more issues that we have to face. But again it is not worth to sacrifise the country. We just need to look harder for other solutions. As for me the solutions is to look for local helper. Still looking and I'll let you know if I found one.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Sunday

I think a while ago I lost my appetite on food and shopping. Both during my early pregnancy. Well lately it come back. And it's getting worst!

I had all this things that I like to look at, to try on and to buy! One good thing is that I am not an impulse buyer. So the damage is not that bad. But having a constant things to buy in mind from one to another is like another disease that has to go !!! As eventually you will accidently buy one or two. Like today, I bought a nice sandals for me. This one is essential because I need a nice sandal for my pregnancy ...right ? Or hurm should I maybe enjoy it while it last? Urgh damn you bad thought haha!

Anyway today we went out for late lunch. I had Bubba Gump for the first time. It was good and I enjoy the food. Right after our lunch we went out to survey the car. This is to look on our option for a compact car and being gatal we went to the showroom fronting to the Ikea/The Curve. We test drive a few car.....Nice feelings, on a cloud nine for a while, the boys (hubby and kids) are the one who enjoy the most! Imagine that the showroom is just next to the luxury car showroom. And guess what!! the kids running all the way into the showroom and start inspecting one after another. Aariz always has grown fond to the Audi brand thanks to Iron Man. And Fawwaz just love anything that looks fast and sporty.

As we tried hard to drag them out from the other showroom Aariz asked this question. How much we need to buy the Audi TT? And Fawwaz replied tiga ringgit jek bang. To the annoyed of Aariz and seeking for more a realistic answer from his dad.

Well after the test drive and getting the brochure we come back to our senses. Cars always a nice things to have. Of course when you have extra you want to upgrade and keep on and on and on upgrading. The thing is, it will never be enough. Good thing is after we test drive we know that all this can wait for now. The most important thing is first to have the baby, check out the plan for next year, we don't know yet which project hubby will be going for next year. Then the search for a MPV is one in our priority list besides a few others.

See I can go up to the sky berangan at one day, and back on my foot the next day. But berangan is a good thing at least for me. It will keep us to have a purpose to live. And just because the time is not right, it doesn't mean that we can forget about it. One day Insya Allah, it will be ours ;)