Friday, October 30, 2009

Merancang hari minggu

Kita hanya merancang tapi tuhan yg menentukan ye dak.

Last night kitaorg pegi visit jiran nak pegi haji. For those who knows our neighbour yg jual muffin choc yg sgt laku ittew...yeap panggilan kaabah dah melambai and they are going tonight for 44 days. I hope I'll get to go for Hajj before I reach 40...or ideally by 37 ?

Tonight plak hubby already ask me to check for movies near or hse. Was thinking to watch IB means we need to outsource the kids to my parents. Tho my kids loveeee to watch cerita2 ganas ni (which I swear I try to refrain them but how to not let then watch Transformers and X-Men or even Ultraman..haish). But this is not the movie for them. If I can't get ticket for IB..I'll watch the TTW then :D.

Saturday they are mini hsewarming at my sis in law hse. So our task is to bring some desserts. They requested for one but if time permitted I'll make 4.

1. Pie banoffee...many not tasted this before as this dessert is more popular in western countries. The cream tend to melt easily so that's might be the reasons why it is not so popular here. But whoever tasted it always ask for second serving.
2. Choc Brownies...excited with my ganache that tasted so good last weekend I plan to make one more small serving for this gathering.
3. Cheese cake...nothing special to shout abt this one yet except that I made twice for my sister but never once manage to taste it fully myself. Always get the serpihan of the cheese cake while my sister took the whole cheesecake to the office for some function. I want to bake a small portion for the family
4. Banana cake...since I have to find banana anyway for the pie banoffee, I might bake banana cake for my dad..

Besides the mini housewarming will see if we can squeze some time to the pool as usual and also if some of my friends would like to drop by on Sunday. more thing...we order 5 cabinet from my cousins which shld be final for our house. 4 of them are ready and will delivered this Sunday yuhuuu! One of it still work in progress. Some other small project will be, blinder for our pagola, side table (mana nak beli ni), curtain for certain area (kitchen and the other 3 room)...wall paper for master bedroom and hall. Next project gantung2 hiasan di dinding ...then we can close 2009 with rumah ku yg dah siap and concentrate with other things for next year ;).

Picture ??? hurm if rajin will post some next monday...if not I guess you guys have to come to see it with your own eyes...and you might can taste the desserts as well !

Happy weekend!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trip to the Immigration Office

Flight ticket checked! Hotel Booking checked!

But Aariz passport is expiring this Dec. Since the Port Klang Immigration is pretty near from house (just 15 mins away okeh!), so I decided to settle it once for all by today.

The immigration office is a bit run down and for kid's passport renewal we required to bring :
1) 2 sized photo passport size
2) 2 copy of birth cert and original copy of course (which i didn't bring earlier thinking that my kad is suffice I wonder what the use of the kid's mykad since each time you want to do anything relates to goverment they will still require the birth cert. just waste of time and resource to create the mykad all together at the first place!!! )
3) 1 copy of mother or father ic and original copy ( person to be held responsible for the kids passport)
4) Form for passport renewal (can be retrieved from the immigration office itself)
5) old passport (if you are renewing passport ... if not I guess you can ignore this)
6) Rm150 fees for 5 years 32 pages passport

Once you have no 1 to 5 ready you pass it at one of the counter. They'll check that everything is in order, then only the will give you the que number. Wait for about 10-15 minutes then they'll call you...Pass no 1-5 again and this time they will take everything from you and ask you to wait to be called at the payment counter. Wait again for another 10-15 minutes...then pay RM150, they will return your original birth cert and IC with the receipt.

Now you can either wait for 2 hours (if you pay by 3 pm) for the passport to be ready. Or you can just come over tomorrow or whenever you are free (not more then 3 months) to pick up the passport. Since not many people and I figure it's pretty close fr my house, I went back and pick up the passport later in the afternoon.

The kids are so lucky. Bot of them had their 1st passport when they are still babies and travel a lot too. That's what they get when they have parents who loves to travel.

Aariz new passport followed by his old passport and lastly Fawwaz recent passport :D. Aren't they cute little thing :p

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hotel booking confirm....yaiy. Now to arrange the activities and finalize shopping list :D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The trip yg tak jadi

Earlier I thought we should have the vacation by road trip to the East of Malaysia. We thought of staying at Villa Danialla Tok Bali Kelantan for a few night before making our way to Terengganu and Kemamang and head back to KL. But again the Enrich Miles expiring and they are lot of places that we can go with the Enrich Miles for the whole family. So next we were eyeing for KK.

We book the ticket but fail to get return ticket secured. I have listed all the possible activities for us to do in KK. Let me share some of the details since we have cancel the trip to KK and opt for another location.

In KK for 5 days 4 night of 6 days 5 nights they are lots of activities you can do with your child. That is base from my searching and finding from the net. I am thinking to stays for 3 night somewhere in the city area as we plan to do some of the activities. We do hotel booking from PYO Travel as so far when we check the price is quite a deal. Both of us are not working with company that have all the privillage to entitle for corporate rate so we keep our eyes on some travel website for the best deal. Elin is the one who introduce us with PYO Travel and we have use their service once for our trip to HK a while ago.

On the first day of our trip, we thought of going to the National Park of Tunku Abdul Rahman on Gaya Island. Maybe spend a day trip snorkeling or just chilling there ...

On the second day my schedule would be Poring Hot Spring and then enjoy the Kinabalu Park.

Third Day we should just chilling around KK city, go to Warisan Square, Atkison Clock Tower, Filipino Market or Central Market..basically just camwhoring and shopping ;)

The first 3 days we might stay at a normal hotel just to get a place to sleep as during days we are suppose to be packed with activities. Then after all the shopping I was thinking to switch hotel to Shangri La Tanjung Aru so that we can appreciate the last few days of vacation lazying around the pool and resort area. From the review that I read, Shangri La Tanjung Aru has a good kids club and pool. They also has a shuttle for us to go to the other Shangri La Rasa Ria to enjoy the wildlife and orang utan there (which you don't even need to go to Sepilok the see the Orang Utan).

There you go.... I have plan everything and have surf all the info needed for our trip that hubby told me that it is just too risky to stick with our booking with no return flight confirmation. So we change the destination. Now with new destination, flight tix has been confirmed but now I am back to square one of searching our hotel and activities for the kids.

Weekend update (cerita dah basi :D)

Byknya to update but too lazy lah as usual.

Where to start? Owh Friday dream to go to Pavillion materialized. Berjaya cuci2 mata with a few targeted that reganya toksah cerita. Which come to Monday I am back with my frugal mode when I get to know that my project will not be extended after Dec. That is another story all together. But my cuci2 mata materialized...altho I must admit each time I went into all this shops mmg the salesperson mcm nak layan tak layan jek especially when I'm with my 2 monstrous kids. Well not them to judge me but on the brighter sides...I am not interupted or being harras by them during my eyes feast la kan.

My cuci2 perut also materialized when I manage to get my dose of pastry and bread from The Loaf. Altho again...the downside of it I realized on of the pastry...The Magazine, the amount of choc filling is not as generous as before...I dont manage to finish that but Aariz somewhat wallop the whole thing for me.

We are not going back empty handed...I bought myself 2 nice blouse and one pants from Parkson. Some item for La Senza and the kids manage to persuade hubby to buy them some toys as well. Great outing and a good shopping therapy for me :).

The next day, Saturday we were lazying around and do some cleaning for the house. Went out to get a quick lunch at one of the chinese muslim rest in PJ....then pay visit to my mil and on the way back we did some quick groceries at the Giant.

At night with a ready made pizza doh...I made a pizza home cook version and we enjoy simple quiet dinner together with 4 of us chatting and watching TV together.

On Sunday we don't have much plan... till my school friend called me and said she wants to pay a visit to us. I already plan to cook some pasta for lunch ..So I just double the amount and made two sauce, one bolognese and one carbonara (mcm open hse cik daun pulak :D). Owh I also experimented another version of choc brownies which turn OK but still not as good as the original version that I posted earlier. This time round I made a choc ganache to compliment the brownies and the results was so good that I ate 4 piece in total (aiyoo mcm mana tak buncit)....I brought the left over to my mom's house and the next day all of it gone to everybodies tummy :)... yummeh!.

There goes my weekend...such a bliss weekend for me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mama and her 2 boys

Today Aariz just mention something that I pray that he won't say it to me.

As usual, I will go to my parents house after I finish my work to pick them up. If hubby is still in the office or on the way...I will spend some time with them at grandma house, play with them and feed them (yer saya masih tak malu makan kat rumah mak saya walaupun dah duk rumah sendiri). Anyway I am not in defensive mengatala sesuka hati awak :p... saya belum masak secara series di dapur saya yg comel tu.

Back to Aariz and Fawwaz. I sat there with them and manja Fawwaz just put his head on my lap and then Aariz just pop out the word. "Mama ni memang sayang Fawwaz kan...". Ok for this my defensive mode just turn on. "What makes you thing Mama tak sayang Aariz?". He looks a bit blur but then give me a smile....Then of course I started to tell him all the things that I did to show how much I love him as well.

The fact is I do love them both so much. No more no less. But Aariz keep on testing my patience all the time. Fawwaz on the other hand...he's an opportunist. He know how to play cool. How not to make my temper goes to the ceiling...and he just like playing sweet. Like hugging and kissing and putting his head on my shoulder or lap. He know how to act to...making sure that his ass is safe from everyone to scold him.

We always thought Aariz is the type of do first think later. Fawwaz is the type of think first and do later. For the the age of 3 Aariz will not be afraid to climb up the highest slides..and get frighten later. Fawwaz...will look up and examine the height of the slides...and confidently says no when he knows he is not ready for it. That goes for all the other matter in the house. Aariz will just try to get something that he want and bash a glass of water and spill it all over. Fawwaz will strategize to get what he want. It's very easy to get annoyed with Aariz rather than Fawwaz even tho the facts is ....Fawwaz sometime can be one difficult boy. But he just manage to get away with it. I guess it happend to most of second child in the family. They are good in getting away ....

Being the first child I guess I did put a lot of expectation to him. Which then cause frustration to me. That lead to me unnecessarily scolding him...while on the other hand his lil brother will get away with it ...because he is little. But that remark that Aariz gave me today is something that I want to avoid so much. I don't want him to feel that I side his brother more that him. But at the same time I want him to understand why he get that extra scolding from me.

Today....before I put him to bed. I give extra attention to Aariz. Patting him to sleep, but his lil bro still doesn't want to let go off me. I give him some tickle and tell him how much I love this big boy ....... He close his eyes smiling...and I still whisper to him how much I love him and how smart he is......Hopefully tomorrow I can try to be better at handling both of them.

Darn....the challenge of being a mother has really started!

Chocolate Brownies

Remember the choc brownies that I keep on bragging about. The one that each time I made will be finished in a blink...(haha itu tipu lah ;p). Anyways I feel like sharing the recipe with you guys today.. they are so many people asking me about it. So next time I can just direct them to here instead of keep on copying and pasting it via email or msn. Penat tau each time I buat org tanya resepi (hihi nak eksen again).

The problem with me ...I do not memorize most of my recipe. Some of them I just search from the net. Each time I want to find it, I will do a search again. So if that person who has the recipe shutdown their blog or make it private I am doom. Maybe now I should keep the recipe here in my blog so that I will not lose it ?

I don't remember where do I get this recipe from. The choc brownies turn to my liking. Sometimes I alter the amount of the milk or the water to get a more moist choc brownies. Good luck trying!

Recipe as follows:

INGREDIENTS:3/4 cup cocoa, unsweetened1/2 teaspoon baking soda2/3 cup melted butter, divided1/2 cup boiling water2 cups granulated sugar2 eggs, lightly beaten1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour1 teaspoon vanilla extract1/4 teaspoon salt1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts or pecans2 cups (12 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips

PREPARATION:Directions for chocolate brownies
In a large bowl, combine cocoa and baking soda; blend in 1/3 cupmelted butter. Add boiling water; stir until well blended. Stir insugar, beaten eggs and remaining 1/3 cup butter. Stir in flour andsalt. Stir nuts and the chocolate chips into chocolate browniesbatter. Pour chocolate brownie batter into a greased 13x9x2-inchbaking pan. Bake at 350° for 35 to 40 minutes or until chocolatebrownies are firm and begin to pull away from sides of pan. Coolbefore cutting into squares.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bila kadang2 jadi jarang2

Kadang2 bile keje byk tak de apa yg boleh di pikirkan selain nak siapkan keje.

Dan bila jarang2 berlaku keje yg sedikit...or tidak diharras oleh rakan kerja...mula la kepala pk macam2. Contohnya..terasa nak pegi pavillion. Yg bila di pk di hari tak busy dari hari ke sehari ...dah memenuhi segenap kepala pulak.

Shyang ( I panggil hubby I shyang...terpengaruh ngan bestpren dia dulu2 panggil gf dia shyang...yg akhirnya derang dah jadi ex...kitaorg plak yg melekat2 panggil shyang).

Ok that is not the point here. The point here...saya nak sgt pegi pavillion utk cuci mata dan cuci perut. Boleh tak shyang? Birthday I kan dah nak dekat ni :D

Lovey dovey mood still on

Lately I am in a deep lovey dovey mood. I felt loved and I have tonnes of loves to be shared ... All this good mood and vibes around me, I really hope it could helps to make our active sons to behave a little bit. It is true with the positive surrounding, lots of hugs and kisses, not much stress from outside work or what so ever not...the kids are more easy to manage. Hubby on the other hand, will have more quality time at work to concentrate on whatever he is doing and hopefully to climb or gain whatever that he's aiming for. As for me...I hope this positive vibes will help me to prepare myself and my reproductive system. Let's hope for the best shall we ?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Life for me

I am currently in my comfort zone.

I am reaching 30 soon.

I have a family, my parents are healthy. My siblings are doing well. I have great in laws. I still keep my circle of friend that is importance to me. Thanks to facebook those who are missing now coming back. The people around me enlighten my life.

My husband is the sweetest human I have ever met. He also the most annoying person that I have ever met. But I never been more thankful than that. He made me milo every night. Kiss me every morning before he went off to work. He went out early in the morning and usually I am still on my bed, hence he will take his breakfast at home by himself. That makes me feels guilty everyday and I tried to wake up but he always one steps ahead of me.

The kids are the most precious gift that I ever had. They can be sweet at one time, horrible at the other time, annoying, sacarstic, funny, helpful and many more. They both are my sunshine during sunny and rainy day.

My job is one never dream of. Sometime it could torture you sometime you can just take it easy. For the past few months I am enjoying the best ever part of my career wise. No I am not up for promotion or salary rise. I just love to be stagnant at this stage earn some money and do what I am best at. Opportunities to work from home and still complete your task on time were the most precious. I gave me time to wake up after the kiss from my hubby, get the kids ready to school, prepare breakfast (sorry dear you are too early) and send them off. Then I am back at my home sweet home and start turning on my laptop to finish whatever task that I have for the day. At times I try to make a point to be in the office but all my team mate are in Africa working fr home stime is more practical as I can catch up with them at night from home. Not sure how long this will last...but I am enjoying every bits of it for now.

Next the house that is finally mine mine mine. I have waited for quite a while to know how it feels to choose your own curtain, sofa. Design the kitchen the way that I want. Finally having the best ever bedroom that you can get your quality 8 hours sleep on. The house add up some sugar and spice to our life. Hubby and I get to do house chores together where I believe it has strengthen our relationship. I've got to dicipline the kids and having more quality time with them as morning and night they are totally mine!. Sometime lunch hour I pick them up from kindy (usually the grannies will pick them up) had a quick lunch before sending them to grannies. I still working you see, if I have them with me then I might end up cuddling them whole day long.

So I am sitting here at the couch from my home, lunch hour that I might made myself a quick hot dog for lunch. Still have tonnes of Job Aid to prepare but I am not complaining. I am happy that at this age I am fortunate to have the peace of mind to go through every day of life. It might not be exciting for you...but it keep me going. They are more room for improvement but we take one step at a time.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The next plan

Pindah rumah sudah...kenduri pun sudah. Finally...The toughest part I must say is the kenduri doa selamat. Without it I just can't really move in or stay in the house peacefully. So now we are done with it, almost all the basic necessity is there. Just need to doll up the house a little bit more.

Itchy hubby and I now have more room in our head to think about something else. Like let's plan for a vacation. We apply for one week off already somewhere in November. Both vacation leave has been approved. We are spoilt with many choices on where to go as we have enrich miles to redeem....but!!! we have money constraints. We don't want to spend unnecessarily amount of money as we just have thrown a big sum of it for the house thingy recently. Being wise, we should close our financial calender in 2009 with a check and balance from our own P&L and Balance Sheet view.

Base on that we have rule out many2 potential destinations ie: Tokyo, London, Sydney or back to NZ. Still thinking and wondering....we might end up just travelling within Malaysia. I think we already spoiled with overseas trips and haven't take any one step back to appreciate the beauty of our own country. I love to be in the travelling up around Semenanjung Malaysia might be one of the options. One thing I like about travelling in the car is the bonding session during the journey. Several hours with just the 4 of us with no TV or anything will force the 2 kids behind and us to have a quality chat time together. And when they fell asleep, Hubby and I usually will have loads of fun talking or quarelling on a different issues and topic.

We never had a long road trip in Malaysia yet. I had my own wonderful time with my parents and sibling touring Malaysia when we were little. It could be interesting and amazing. The amount of food that you can taste along the journey. The nice places that you get to see, the familiar language, the comfort of the hotel that you could afford to pay and again no need to worry about where to find a decent halal food :p. Well let just see how it goes. If it's really happening I will roger you guys.

Friday, October 9, 2009


It's Friday ..... Time to get lazy :D

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Discover our kids

Last night I outsource both of my kids to my parents so that hubby and I can get a nice time out with our friends. It was great!. We both having a fantastic unintterupted time chatting, eating and laughing. Don't get me wrong. Is not that I don't have fun time with my kids. But really they are two hyperactive boys that when they combine their power...kapuff...the most patient person in the world can turn into monster :)...ok ok I might be exxagerating :p

Anyway I was thinking about my kids potential. Have you ever think about yours? I know as working parents sometime we don't have much time to spend with them. After working hours usually we are dead tired and can just entertain them in the house. It make me thing am I going to discover their potential if I dont spend time with them ? But again how to discover ?

Hubby and I note that Aariz fond into technology and experimenting. It started when he is very young where he loveee our notebook...The only thing is we don't expose him as much yet to technology. We don't give him his own lappy, no introduction to PS2, PSP, X-Box or whatever it handphone, no computer game no nothing. Just once in a while we let him play by opening the PHD website to play game. What interesting is, although we don't expose that to him, he find it himself. Hubby bought a new HTC phone and Aariz asked for his old I-mate. Hubby gave him and next thing he navigate the PDA himself and manage to find a game and figure out how to play the game. He had a good 2 days with the PDA that next thing we know it just wont boot up again. God knows what he did.

Next we have too many notebook lying around the house. I have 2, hubby have 2 as well. He just become oppurtunist, each time he saw one unattended, he will quickly grabbed and try to do something with it. The things is if we give him to play the online games, he get bored easily. He try to explore what within the computer. Which I suggest to hubby why don't we buy him a real pc, and you teach him DOS or whatever. Teach him something that is not easy to get. I mean if you give him a computer game right away, it seems to easy to him. Cos each time he get bored with the game. So like the olden days when you have to hack a bit the system to play computer game...maybe you can teach him to figure out the olden days game using a simple command or whatever. Maybe that way we can get another Bill Gates...says the ambitious mom haha.

On the experimenting part. That is another mischivous mission that he have. He will not sleep during the day, so what he will do is go around the house. Pick up anything from my drawer, his uncle room or grandma side table and start to experiment what he can do with the things that he collected. When he watch TV IQ, where people do experiment. The next thing we heard is he trying to mix as many liquid from the kitchen to make as what he saw in the TV. That of course make the kitchen in a very messy condition. Discovering that how amuse he is, we will try to find some science experiments from the website and try it with our kids this weekend.

I note that he is not into colouring, reading and writing. To get him to finish his homework or read and write you have to scream at him. Math is easpy peasy to him...he can do it over and over again. He loves swimming the only sports that I can see him fond at. As cycling or playing outside is not really his thing. So he prob will turn into a geek like his father.

Fawwaz, just a short note. Still small to judge on him. But he is definitely different from his brother. Loves colouring, pretending to read and to spell whenever his brother had to do his homework. He lovesssss outdoor but not into computer or technology like his brother. We could see that he probably can be a sportsman. Oh love music as well....he can dance well, appreciate the sounds of the rhyme. There's one day when his father playing guitar, this little boy shake his head and tap his hand on the table following the rhymes. Well well....

I guess I have some idea of what are their potential. Maybe next is to guide them and unlock their potential. So we have to works towards it. In this modern days I don't believe in straight A's student anymore. No offense but tell me how many of them who really succeed ? With the quality of the teachers (no offense agains) and our education system. One could not help to hope that they can succeed with their own ways.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happiness and you do you measure happiness. Saw the status of my friend in the Facebook. The other friend of mine status mention something about getting more money to fund education and give some luxury to the kids. My sis in law status always been about Bali...which I think she adore Bali so much :). They are more status in the Facebook, some still looking for happiness, some status seems miserable, some status looking for approval, some status is to show off, some status to share information and so on so forth.

I am more interested on the happiness part. Because most of the status showing unhappy moments. Even tho they are many who are happy as well.

When we define happiness we always thought it relates close to money. I at certain point of time feels the same thing. But if you ask people with loads of money, they might not be as happy as well. They might fake their happiness. They probably buy their happiness.

I think happiness is what you created and what you believe. If you think happiness is far away from you, or you trying to be happy by getting something that is not realistic, they you'll be unhappy for the rest of your life. Example, if you measure your happiness by how many designer handbag you have (self note :D). And you try to get or buy by any means, tak kira la berhutang ke apa ke and keep on collecting. You thought you are happy but, you tangle yourself in unhappy situation that sooner or later will surface...hutang berkepuk2. So happiness must be realistic as well.

Some thought that by sending their kids to overseas to get good education will bring them happiness. They thought world will change with their kids in overseas...So they work day and night, spending little hours with the kids and manage to send them to overseas forgetting all the little values that they should plant to their kids. Turn out the kids never return, or the kids become nobody, or the kids return with no degree. And we left out being old childless and some left with no money as all being spent for their kids...

My hubby has this set on his mind as well thinking that he might not be able to had enough money to send the kids to overseas uni...I told him why bother to strangle yourself when future is not definite. We know we are capable to give them education, and where ever the location are I trust my kids will be good kids. We provide them what we have, love, time, knowledge and passion. Insya Allah they will turn out well. Look back at us, we are just local grad, and we did pretty well. So if we have he capacity, we send them to good college, pay extra. But if we don't have, trust that whichever college or path my kids take, it will be the best with our blessings. That is what I believe for now.

Sometimes people tend to be unhappy with what we don't have. Why not we start to be happy with what we have and be grateful. This again is a self note for myself. I set my dream high, but measure my happiness according to what I have now. Dream is a self booster....that is what I believe.

Realistically we have to live with our surrounding and appreciate all what we have. Some people I know, they love to look and compare other people happiness with theirs. Like..woohoo how rich they are, how fortunate this people and so on so forth. But we forget that we also fortunate in our own way. We have food to eat, plenty of it, we have house to live in, we have kids to make us smile, we still have our parents to look after, we have our health! (very important) ...and we have so many more to live like a normal people. So why the unhappiness ?

I also note that unhappiness relates to our surrounding. Well if we keep on bitching about other people, or we are surrounded with people who keep on whining with their life...and when negative aura is everywhere...happiness will be far from your reach.

I myself still need to remind myself sometime to stay positive and happy. So far things work well for me. I realize that the lesser I whine the happier I am. Sometimes we have to let go certain things so that you can be happy. Sometime we have to forgive and forget to keep our sanity. At the same time, don't expect things will turn out well while not doing anything. Get off your lazy ass and start working on something to get your rewards of happiness.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Not just any berry

While having dinner. Hubby who just got his HTC phone for his birthday presents ask me this questions.

Hubby : Ma I think I want to get you a Blackberry
Me : Errr...(think I am gonna choke thinking why do I need a Blackberry)...I want a Burberry dear...Blackberry ke blueberry ke I tak nak OK.

Hehe...I am not really into technology. Nowadays I already hook into facebook and will keep on monitoring the status whenever I am online. To keep it worse by monitoring via blackberry ? Forget it !. :p

When lil Fawwaz jump from the swing

My lil Fawwaz fall down while playing swing at the park in front of our house. As usual...the 'accident' will happen when they are already tired. I have consistently ask both of them to go home and they keep on give me 3 minutes more ma...3 minutes more ma...So when the brother Aariz says ok I am done...Lil Fawwaz tot he can just jump from the swing like his brother. He suddenly just say ok ma...I am done too and jump of from the swing. My heart were aching as I saw him fell down and quickly pick him up and see if anything broken. I learn my lesson from Aariz incident 3 years ago to be careful. But the kids..sigh. The just do what they think. All this while Fawwaz will wait for me to pick him up from the swing and today he just decided to jump of from the swing. Luckily he just get some bruises at his chin and that's about it.

Both of them get a very long lecture from me and the just nodded when I give all my points on why they need to stop when I said it's time to go home, why you can'st just jump from the swing, why Aariz need to look after Fawwaz when we are in the park and so on so forth. After they took their bath...Fawwaz still sobbing. He search for his pyjamas but ended up holding a shirt that we suppose to give to Bali. Nice pink shirt with a print of princess mermaid. He demand to wear the shirt and I just let him be. After a few seconds...both of them turn back to the lil monster like they used to be....sigh.