Friday, February 24, 2006

Push Email works! People can throw their blackberries now

Wifey bought me a new PPC phone packed with WM5-- the Dopod 838.

Last week I installed the latest (leaked) firmware ROM with Push Email a.k.a AKU2. Immediately I activated the function to check my company's mail as and when it arrives. That time, it was still using SMS. A bit sluggish as sometimes I don't receive any mails at all even my notebook prompts me a new mail every now and then.

Yesterday, while synching to activesync, the PPC came out enforcing me to put in a lock password (as my company enforces PPC lock to comply with company's policy) well...i think now the real push email works.

Suddenly I'm receiving my mail faster than my notebook!! WOW now really Push E-mail works. According to jason lan, the PPC sends a heartbeat to my exchange server at a predetermined time (15 or 30 mins) with 309 bytes...which totals about 1 meg in 1 month. But as you get mails, that's gonna costs me more as we all do receive more than 1 mail a day right?

I hope celcom now will have a better data package to cater. Now they only have pay-per-use and unlimited data package. They should have a bundle package of 5meg or 10meg a month at a cheaper price. They should be looking at that because more PPC devices will have this functionality. I don't need to buy additional hardware to make it work compared to blackberry.

Celcom...please here us. Push Email is here and more and more people will use it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm not a blogger

I tried to but failed.

6 months with no postings? I hope you guys don't keep coming back. I will only dissapoint you.

Go read some newspapers, other popular blogs, books, magazines. Please don't read mine. I don't have anything for you.

Even if I did, I can only write (mentally), It will mingle in my mind...until its lost...deep into unforkable area.

In the end, I want to confessed, I am still not a blogger.

At least; I tried.