Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What if

I really want to update stuff here...But they are 1001 things is running around my head and I am getting nervous thinking about it day by day.

To be honest, I don't like my current role now. It is just recent as in Feb I was seconded to this team. The team does a lot of technical development and the timing ...I hate the timing. The timing require you to work on a particular week of every month and be stand by. I had to cancel my plan vacation due to uncertainty of whether or not is technically possible. Don't get me wrong...I am used to work odd hours or even long hours. But during project, you can actually gauge when is the peak time and when is the low time...this one is a bit hard. Maybe I complaint too much..or maybe this is just something that I am not up too. Furthermore it is too technical to me (this is what I hate the most). I still love my user interfacing work rather that this. That's generally what I think. I am still coping well...despite all the challenge. Life must goes on right.

Well maybe due to the ups and down of above I am a bit quiet for the past few months. Though they are a lot happening around me...but not worth to shout.

I am thinking about more on where I want to be right now. What I really want to do. I don't want to be in a situation that you earn a lot but you are not that happy. At this stage of life, money of course does help at certain extend...but satisfaction in life is more important. Luckily people in my team are all very helpful and fun to be with too. That's help a lot to me. I also learn to let go certain stuff that's bothering me before I leave the office, and deal with it later when I am back in the office again.

Other than that I am considering a few other options like looking for a new role maybe? changing job ? or be stay at home mom and at the same this ask hubby to get overseas assignment ? the later sound more fun isn't it ;).

Those are the 1001 things that running around my head...what if that and what if this.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I am tired

It's a long tiring weekend. Though I have lot's of fun with the kids. Update nnt la....Owh ya and the musical that I went last Sunday pun

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's a competition

As a mother, I think I might be quite strict towards my kids. Like the other day when Aariz ask me to buy him a pencil colour that has a duck picture (actually swan picture) with 24 colours as his friends has the biggest in class. Or when his bag is broken and when I temporarily replace with the old Thomas the Tank Engine bag that he said his friends will laugh at his bag... (yeah Thomas the Tank Engine is not so cool anymore for 6 years old boy).

This is my answer (more to question) to him :

Mama : Does your pencil colour produce the same colour like your friend’s ?
Aariz : yes
Mama : Does his bag walk by itself ?
Aariz : no ma
Mama : Anything that you have besides if it’s smaller or maybe slightly older giving a different results from what they have
Aariz : no ma....

Well then I start to explain to him why he don’t need to be competitive in terms of material and so on so forth. So far he seems to except it quite ok.

Of course I know we can always buy him things and stuff him with whatever he wants. But rather than just giving him things that might not have any ending, it is best for him to deal with it and understand what he really need and what he does not need. Deal with how to counter back all this competitive friends that he has wisely!.

The other day during his birthday, I made a train birthday cake for him. Get both Aariz and Fawwaz to help decorate the’s a hard work for all of us. Come to the party pack, I don’t have time to go and buy a proper party bag. So end up I use the normal white zip lock bag so that nothing will spill out from the bag. Long after that only Aariz told me, his friend laugh at him over the party bag. As it is white zip lock bag compared to the normal fancy party bag that has cartoon on it. Then I ask him nicely, how about the cake ? I heard they are very pleased with the train cake that I made. The he replied excitedly, yes they are. Everybody says whoaaaa. And they don’t like your party pack at all?? I asked. Quickly he replied... No ma they like the content , they are milo ..they love milo. Everyone does. They love the chocolate and the biscuits too. In a very excited tone. I told him that see, that is just a plastic bag...what importance is the cake and the content right. Do you really keep the party bag when you get one? No ma.. he replied. But did everyone have fun ? YES!!! He claimed!

I think we all have been through or maybe still in the material competition from one to another. Be it from a small little things like hand phone, watches, clothing, to a bigger one like house, car and many more. Some time when we are busy to compete and busy to look what other people have that we don’t have, we forgot to first appreciate what we really have and really need. And second false into the trap of debt. Until too late that we realize, we are already in a really deep shit.

When I was small I false into that trap too. Not so much when I’m in primary school as in kampong school I seems to have more than others. But in secondary school I start to feel the pinch. They are time when all my colleague start to wear branded watches like Swatch and Guess...and they have many of it. I just have one. When they have all the latest gadget, hand phone and stuff I don’t have any. Then I start to divert my need in material to something else. Going for social activities like joining all other society or club in school. I am good at it and I enjoy my secondary school much that I don’t feel the need to be competitive in term of material.

I grow up that way and still be that way. Rich people doesn’t amaze me. I don’t give a damn about status. I feel best about myself...and as I grow I get things that I want and I afford. No pressure on that!. The best part is, when you finally get what you deserve, the satisfaction is yours!

That is the element that I want to get my kids to understand. I want them to know getting money is not easy. It is a hardship that they have to earn. Hence appreciate whatever that they have. Things are still good, use it first. I want them to be competitive in learning, so I reward them. Not in material but with love and time spend as a family. I want them to feel about the poor and note how lucky they are, so that they know where they are standing and how fortunate they are. Money / material will not give them happiness in life. They are just a tool for us to live our life..

Back to both my little kenits. So far they are still learning and they are learning pretty well. Even at his age they knows how to switch off light and fan when not in use. Finish the drinks and if not, keep it in the fridge so that later they can finish it up. They are a lot more to learn but we will keep it phase by phase. It is very interesting part of my life watching them grown. And it is my honour to be part of their life. Thank you God for lending both of them to me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Review : Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Hujung minggu lepas kami sekeluarga bercuti di Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Wah sgt seronok. Saya memang suka pergi cuti-cuti dan berada dalam perjalanan menaiki kereta utk jarak jauh. Pada saya baru la berbaloi beli kereta dah bayar mahal2 bila digunakan sepenuhnya. Betul tak ??

Sebenarnya bukan itu sahaja alasannya. Saya mmg suke duduk dalam kereta lama2. Dapat spend quality time dengan husband dan anak2. Bayangkan duduk lama2 dalam tempat yang terhad ....nak tak nak kena la kita melayan sesame sendiri kan!. Dalam masa yg sama dapat menikmati keindahan alam dan tengok2 tempat org. Mmg syok!

Daftar masuk di Hard Rock Hotel Penang around 3 pm. Kami duduk di Deluxe Sea View Room. Bilik spacious and cukup la untuk kami anak beranak berguling2 dalam bilik! Yg menariknya dia sini adalah kolam renangnya. Walaupun nampak kecik tapi besar sebenarnya. Section kanak2 adalah besar dah budak2 sgt la happynya bermain di kolam renang. Bila saya kata besar…sungguh ! Section kanak2 sgt la besar !. Dia ada section air cetek dan berpasir. Jadi pada anak2 bandar yg manja dan mengada2 tak nak pergi ke tepi laut bermain pasir. Ada kawasan berpasir dia section kolam renang kanak2 utk mereka bermain. Airnya cetek dan baby2 pun boleh dilepaskan disini. Section kanak2 yg lain ada pelbagai permainan air, water slides dan sgt2 la menarik. Saya pun lupa daratan main sama. Bila suami saya mencuba water slide…katanya berbanding org lain yg menggelungsur licin turun kebawah…dia tersekat2 di tengah2…(hi tak sedar2 diri ke kena kuruskan badan sket haha)…sampaikan org yg tengok pun tersengih2…malu katenya haha.

Anak2 saya mestilah tak melepaskan peluang ini…sampai hitam legam la mereka jadinya bermain di dalam kolam renang. Pagi pun turun petang pun turun. Nasib baik duduk 3 hari 2 malam sahaja.

Selain daripada kolam renang, saya sgt2 berpuas hati dengan live band performancenya disini. Wah jauh lebih baik dari yg di Bali. Sambil menikmati live band dan tgk makcik2 berjoget dan cube menarik saya utk berjoget sama…..(mestila saya tak nak kan sebab saya mana pandai berjoget) anak2 saya sekali lagi mengambil kesempatan menujukkan skill berjogetnya. Aiseh ….mak bapak malu2 kucing dan ayam…anak2 plak sebok nak berjoget…kan main lagi lah !.

Servis2 lain yg kami cube adalah hair wash...yer dia ada hair saloon dan makcik yg wash my hair tu sgt la friendlynya. Sambil basuh2 rambut saya sambil berbual issue2 semasa yg tak kurang menariknya..di blow kan rambut saya jadi cantik secantiknya dan kerana asyik berbual, ada la 2 jam setengah saya disitu. Wah sungguh berbaloi baloi. Owh anak2 saya dan bapanya enjoy di kolam renang lah macam biasa.

Tak lupe adalah servis spa. Wah saya kan hantu spa. Mestila cube....suami saya pun kalau pegi cuti2 Malaysia ni dia pun sibuk nak berspa sama. Jadi kami book spa utk 2 jam dan anak2 ditinggalkan di mana ya? Owh jgn bimbang...mereka ada servis menjaga anak2 di Little Rock Club. Di jaga oleh awek2 cun 3 orang....Kalau kan bukan anak2 bujang saya yg kemain gatalnya tu tak gembira ditinggalkan di sana. Menurut laporan masa kami amik mereka, semua baik2 belaka dan mendengar kata. Yerla kalau awek cun mestila dengar kata kan! Haish!. Bagi kanak2 4 tahun dan keatas boleh ditinggalkan di Little Rock Club dan dijaga oleh kakak penjaga yg manis secara percuma ya. Banyak aktiviti2 menarik disediakan sepanjang hari untuk memastikan anak anda tidak jemu. Mcm anak saya....gembira mendecorate pastry, bermain di kolam renang (again) makan pizza dan sebagainya.

Apa comment saya utk spa service. Biasa aje….standard spa hotel2 biasa lah saya rasa…di picit2 badan sket2 di facial muke sket2 mcm tu lah kan!. Tapi kalau dah hantu spa mcm saya …bedal ajekla mcm mana pun.

Mesti ada yg tertanya2 pasal breakfastnya...pada saya again..biasa sahaja lah. Kalau anda pernah duduk di Parkroyal Penang...fuhhh jauh la perbezaanya. Selepas di korek2 dengan kakak2 spa tu (saya kan kuat gossip)…tau lah kami yg chef2 di Parkroyal tu dah ada experience bertahun dan di Hard Rock baru setahun jagung. Kalau anda kemaruk nak breakfast best2 …di sini bukan la tempatnya. Saya mungkin mmg bias kalau dalam hal makan2 ni. Sebab saya tau nak makan sedap jek :p

Tapi mestila saya tak disappointed walaupun breakfast tak best mana. Kata duduk Penang kan. Kalau tak makan dekat hawker stall dia mmg tak la rugi kan. Katala kalau dah makan breakfast sedap2 sampai kembung perut...Camne nak makan lunch yg sedap2. Maka kami pun makan la di Nasi Kandar Line Clear....yum yum....nasi campur depan masjid terapung tu pun sgt sedap..pergi kat Kedai Lat....nasi campur biasa aje tapi mmg kick la. Kami cari Mee Udang Ayu sampai ke Teluk apa ntah ...nnt la saya update mana nak makan sedap ni. Char Kuew Teow yg basah mcm biasa kat Gurney Drive..sekali dengan pasemboq dia...wuih kecur2 air liur cerita kat sini lah. Tapi itu jek la yg kami sempat nak cube pun. Ikan bakar ke or Naan di Kapitan kami tak sempat nak cube. Yerla kalau ikut list yg kat atas tu pun dah kembung2 perut2 dibuatnya. Lain kali kalau di pk kan pasal makan jek…Mau kami duduk seminggu di Penang. Mana kami tau mana nak makan sedap di Penang? Sebab tu la saya pergi spa…sambil picit2 korek2 la mana makan sedap. Mcm2 list yg keluar.

Hehe ok la….panjang pulak saya melalut2...Nak gambar ? ALahai gambar dalam kamera suami saya la...Nnt kalau ada masa saya update la yer! byeeee