Saturday, January 30, 2010

SS Tiffany Knot

I've got Saturday off...not really actually cos here I am online at night to load some of the adjustment in the system.

We spend our day by going to the usual spot for swimming session. After that I manage to persuade hubby to detour to pavilion so that I can feast my eyes after a long week staring on the pc....and this is what happened after so called 'feast my eyes sessions'.

An impulse decisions to boost my motivation to complete the project...
Cantik tak?

Friday, January 29, 2010


Rewarding myself for working late hours almost everyday since mid Dec? If my OT approved I am definitely getting one of below...Or hurm (kalau tak approve pun still boleh kan sayang...wink wink to hubby :D)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letting go

I received a call which I never missed once every year. The call is to invite me for an annual dinner to the former college that I stayed during my uni days. Each time I received the called I will get this dejavu...and a little bit of anger (some little thing that I should let go) but for some reasons it stays in my mind if someone trigger it. Something like the call to return to the college.

During my first year they are just 40 people from my faculty who actually stayed in the college. We have around 1000 students in take that year for my course itself. So 40 of is considered a small group of people for us. I get close to mainly people which is not from my faculty and I am very active in the college and also in a recreation club at uni level. Which make me one busy first year students ever.

In my second year, due to hormones level :D I get myself a boyfriend. Since I am one of the student council from my college I do get a lot of negative comments...Esp since I have this attitude of do not care what other people has to say. I do not hide my relationship and I do not keep it as secret. Of course we do not hold hand in public or in college if you wonder. I just met him like I met other guys in the college for meetings or casual chat. But due to that...due to my openness and radical thinking, after I finish my practical, at my 4th year. The principal throw me out from the college without any letter or warning. I just get to know when I received my invoice for next semester and the college fees is not in. You see my problem is not only with the students but with my college principal. I am too radical and can bring a negative aura to the college students...well I am being truthful here and not hiding under jubah or tudung labuh to date belakang public phone in the middle of the night. Or walks like 2 miles to meets your lovers and take a ride together and pretended baik in the college. But bad news pretender is better that being truthful.

I walk out and never come back. Then I get to know who are the true friends and who are not. Since I am an active students and my friends is mainly from different faculty I do feel the pinch of starting over at my final year. I get closer with a group of my faculty friends and we stay by ourselves somewhere outside. It is a good decision after all ....My CGPA went up as I stay focus on my study and no extracurricular activities. I still with my boyfriend as a bit of my ego still there and I carry on with him though I can sense that we are not going anywhere.

I completed my study and get my first job soon after that. When many of them still there in the uni struggling to finish their degree.

Sometimes I think there might be some people who are jealous of me or maybe don’t like my bf that time who report it to the principle and make up some stuff so that they can just teach me that way...Cos until now I still do not understand why I get into that trouble at the first place.

Getting into trouble that I do not know the source is not my first time...It happens quite a few time during my school days as well. I just get a hatred message saying that are stealing my bf or keep away from my bf when the truth is, I don’t even know who are your boyfriend. Some more the girl who are accusing me is from a different school. They are one time when this guy come over me and scream at me saying that I make stories to her gf until she left him. Which again I don’t know this guy and I don’t know who are the gf are. Of course I get to know them after each incident and true enough some people just try to nail me down don’t know for what reasons. But incident during the uni time really struck myself and is just hard for me to let it go.

Then the reasons why I don’t have much close girls friends after that. I don’t share much about me, my aspirations, my radical thinking to anyone else until I met my husband. That till to date still amaze me on how he can understand me and how we can talk about fun things, serious things, dreaming on things that we know we are going to get there eventually...every single things that I do not openly share with other people anymore.

When I share this with my husband of course he laughed at it first and ask me to let it go. Yeah I know I sounded childish by not letting it go but .... I have my own reasons. So I told him that hey maybe I am ready to see this people again. I know I am successful in every ways. I completed my studies and get a good job right away. I get married with a geek (not my former bf he’s an engineer now) that makes me happy most of the time (minus the annoying time I am not going to lie about this). And I move on ! Maybe I change in terms of not opening myself that much to people anymore but that is for my own good ;). I am not letting all this people who are jealous with other people success to ruin my life again.

Well think whatever you my husband once told me, his life is not like in a roller coaster like mine. But that is my fair share about the oddest things that happens to me. And I am glad that is so far the oddest things that has had happened. Because everything else, it has been wonderful ride !

So maybe...I will attend the annual dinner...and maybe ....I should get that Gucci handbag that I've been eyeing ;)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cookies Monster

Since we can get a supply of cheap cookies...see what I have bought for this time!! :D
One box of oreo can prob make 10kg of my mini oreo cheesecake!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I think I am devoting my full dedications for this project. A bit scary cos I work like someone that does not have family....Wish that this will end soon. One more week to go.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Long term investment

Thinking if I can get this from Malaysia and put it on my parents backyard. After all the kids will be spending their days at the grandparents house. And the money that I save rather than sending them to what so not gymboree...maybe worth to have one of my own. Long term with the new planned babies coming could be a perrrrrfect long term investment. What do you think?
Little Tikes Marlow Playset at 800 pound from UK.

Day dreaming part 2 and a little update about 2 kenits

After a few weeks of hard work from 9am to 9pm everyday or sometime even until 11 at night...finally I get my break. Yesterday and today the work that’s coming in is a bit slow. I took the opportunity to came in early as usual since I went straight to the office after sending the kids to school but have a long breakfast. I took a long lunch yesterday...and went home by 6...and today I think I’ll be doing the same thing. As tomorrow till 5th of Feb is working day and night non-stop (including weekends) for the cutover.

Of course during the short break that I have I do the usual thing that I like to do. Daydreaminggg...This time all the way to London, Paris, take a turn to Eastern Europe, Rome, Spain,Morocco then all the way to Cape Town, Johannesburg calling travel agent, checking flight then tiba2 ...kelapa jatuh kena this year is a recovery year remember. So daydreaming mode dah jadi insaf mode for a while. Insaf but still menggeletis and change mode to cheaper travel options surfing Asian travel and lastly in our homeland Malaysia. While travelling in my daydreaming mode, I am surfing the net for a good deal of flight tickets and travel package and surfing pictures and as well some travel log. Feel like I am already in holiday and my mind is already at where ever place that I am surfing. Haha teruk tak! Well nasib baik dreaming is free. If not it must have been an expensive dream!

Change subject to my 2 little kenits. They are a lot to write and too many things happening around me revolving them. Even with my busy schedule I will make sure I attend to them in the morning and also at night before going to bed. As they are entering 6 and 4 years old...things becoming more easier to handle them but also challenging to satisfy their curiosity. It’s easy as they can do all the basic things themselves.

In the morning I just put the breakfast on the table and they can feed themselves with minor mess. I can tell them to get ready and help me to do a simple house chores before sending to the kindergarten. Of course there will be a protes whenever I ask them for help...but good reasoning with Aariz will get him to help...with Fawwaz hurm..I am still working on it.

Interacting with them become more and more fun. Usually when I reach home both of them will be excited and start to talk and get my attention. They will ask me to play with them or talk to them or anything but the key thing is to concentrate on them! And having 2 boys mind you it can be really havoc especially when one try to push another to get the chance to talk to me. So what did I do? I get them to sit on the chair and let them to take turn to talk. It could take maybe a good 15 to 20 minutes and I just sits there and listen to them and respond to them whenever necessary. I ask them what they do during the day..what happen in the kindergarten, how they feel about the day and all other questions when is my turn to talk. It’s pretty fun actually and after that...I think they are pretty satisfy to let me do whatever I need to do like shower, having dinner and so on.

Hubby jobs is to get them ready to sleep means washing them up which is brushing teeth, pee, washing their feet and change if necessary. My job is to get them a drink before sleep and read them a story or two before they get to sleep. Sometimes we make up our own stories sometime I just listen to them. When the bedtime comes...I just snug them under the blanket and switch off the main light...They will just fall asleep soon after that. Partly I think they are pretty tired since they are having a lot of activities during the day especially for Aariz, so at night they are as tired as we are.

I ended the day sometime just surfing around the net, or talking to hubby till we fall asleep. But at this state my mind can’t think that much let alone to blog on anything interesting. Then next day we continue with the routine which remind us that this is the longest period we as a family stay together without any of us going for outstation. I like it!.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Free review : Andana SPA

Last 2 weeks we went for a retreat at Andana Spa, Holiday Inn Glenmarie. I get tempted when I saw a few photo from a friend facebook showing how relax they are. When I ask her for details, she said it is worth every penny. I decided to go there that week itself to experience it myself.

They are standard entry of 148++ for you just to enter the Spa. The standard entry is for the usage of sauna/steam room, reading/movie lounge, wifi/internet acces and a free flow of food. It says a session of Shiatsu/Aromatherapy massage is included for 40 minutes, but somehow when I purchase a Bliss massage, the time of massage is 80 min the same with the treatment. I did not ask further that day as I pretty confuse with the system. List of treatment and price can be seen here.

I know some of you might think it is expensive...but wait!. I have not finish yet. Since I just want to try out the spa..I go for their promotion 1 free 1 which is valid for 9-12 pm at night. For this you pay one entry 148++ for 2 people. The spa open from 10 am to 12pm at night everyday. We reach there early around 8.30 pm and they let us in. First we need to put all our valuables in safety box. It looks pretty convincing tho (the safety box).

Next they guide us to the steam/sauna room. It is a separate area for men and woman. They let you change with a pair of clothes provided by the spa. You take a shower and next just relax in their huge jacuzzi. I did enjoy the jacuzzi but it's best if you have friends with you so that you can gossip while relaxing. Once you are satisfied, you can move to the sauna room. They have both wet and dry sauna. I opt for the wet sauna room. I love sauna as I sweat without doing anything...I know it is cheating but hey I don't really care. After enjoying the sauna you need to bath again and there's a lady who in charge of the room will always look after you making sure you have your towel and everything ready for you. She handed me over a new pair of dry clothes to exchange before I take the shower and after that she's ready with a bathrobe for me to wear.

Next I move to the movie/reading lounge. There I could see hubby reading a newspaper and looks so relax....They are many options of reading material that you can choose on and a good spread of buffet I heard ( I went at night and not much left). But you can still order some food from the menu. We sat there for a while before we go for our massage. The massage was pretty good I actually enjoy it altho I am not a fan of shiatsu massage. It was 40 minutes of pleasure until when they ask you to turn. I thought it was over as they passes us ginger tea. But after taking a few sips they ask us to lay back again and continue with the massage. It's actually refreshing when they did that cos most of the time when we turn our body we almost fall asleep and not enjoying the massage. We continue for another 40 minutes!

Once we finish our massage we went back to the lounge and this time we order some food. While hubby are keen to continue with his reading I join with some of them to watch the movie. We actually finish the whole movie and went out from the spa at around 12.15 am in the morning. It cost both of us nett of 290 for the whole Andana Spa experience that night.

I do recommend this for those who want to relax and enjoy the facilities. I will go again and this time maybe came in early and enjoy more of the treatment. Either with girl friends or just hubby I vote this as the best place to relax. The service are very good and the staff are very efficient. You can enter at 10 am in the morning with the entry rate and just enjoy the whole day there. They have individual lounge room if you just want to chill in with your friends. I am not sure if they are additional fees for this but one thing I am sure is that you need to book in advance.

I do not recommend this of you just want to go for a treatment. The entry fees is a bit expensive and it is best for you to find individual treatment from other spa outside. So Kak Liza here goes your review for Andana Spa...and Elin if you wish to chill in with Jaz. The picture below taken from my camera phone. Hence explain the blurness and the ugly picture. Hubby is in relax mode already and he is lazy to take out his dslr to take picture.

For more info go to

The nail parlour....But if you don't want to do it can always chill in at the lounge and they will serve you there..They can do foot massage there as well!

The lounge and the tv area...They are a bunch of people there so I don't think is nice to take picture of them

The reading material

Hubby so excited for massage..

This is him relaxing and don't even bother to do anything else. Which explains why none of my picture here.

Finally the private lounge ....Where you can just chill in with your friends..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My hubby is a geek

In the kitchen...while mama nak masak dinner

Mama : Ala pa teriyaki sauce takde la. Tak best kalau nak masak steak ni. I pakai HP sauce jek la...

Papa : HP sauce tu apa ?

Mama : Ala yg ni flavor dia mcm plum sauce.

Papa : Ingatkan HP buat computer jek ..tak sangka dia buat sauce jugak.

Mama : (meyampah mode)

In the bedroom...while mama nak get ready to sleep

Papa : I marah la dengan bla bla bla bla...I try nak install software kat my hp thru comp then ada virus bla bla then ada unknown network connection bla bla bla (suara bengang)

Mama : Let me get this straight you ni tgh marah dengan sapa ? Dengan computer ?

Papa : Yeap...

Mama pulak suara bengang : ok tell me more about your relationship with your computer ...

Papa : Sengih kerang

Sunday morning ... mama tgh get ready..anak2 belum breakfast...papa depan computer still fixing the virus problem...

Mama : Papa seluar I dah sket la boleh tak I nak beli seluar baru ?

Papa : Boleh (concentrate on his pc)

Mama : (sambil cari2 baju.)..hurm baju pun dah buruk2 ni ...I nak beli some baju baru la eh ....

Papa : Boleh (masih concentrate on his pc)

Mama : How about new tudung ? I think I need a few new one jugak la

Papa : Hurmmm ok (masih on pc ...maybe concentration terganggu sket)

Mama : I rasa I deserve a new handbag jugak la...

Papa : Pause (baru toleh and tgk muke mama yg comel di pagi hari).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Current life

Besides from piling work from the office and not be able to spill what I think over here (thanks for hubby to always be there listening to all my whining), there is nothing much interesting happening. I so want to update on my Andana Spa visit which is by the way superb. But not fun updating without the picture right!.

I still grateful from my current life arrangement (reading Elin's blog make me more insaf) that at least I have support from my family. In the morning hubby will wake up first and bath the kids and then I'll take over. By this time he already on his way to the office as he started his work at 8.00. I'll be spending time feeding the kids talk to them and just have some quality time with each other before I hush them to their kindy. After sending them I drive straight to the office which took around 45 minutes to arrive. I start work around 9 to 9.30 which is quite flexi. Then will start my day with looking at numbers till err...around 8pm at night? Well 8.30 is the max as I am not willing to take risk by being too exhausted driving alone at reaching home at around 9.15. By this time hubby already fetch the kids, they are all well feed and ready to sleep. I take the first precious 15 minutes hugging the kids and listening to their stories of the days. Depending on how hungry I am, I will either eat first and let hubby get them to sleep or get them to sleep and eat later. Oh food tapau from my mom house. I hardly do any house chores lately .... and that is practically my routine for the past few weeks. Some good days like today since the team has a project dinner, I grab the opportunity to reach home by 8.30 Then I get my precious 1 hour with the kids.

The rest of my team member work until 9 to 11 every night. But they are all guys and single. I guess I have to put a limit to my work to get some life. And this is it...the longest hours I willing to work for. Unless if I am working from home, then it will be a different stories. But this current assignment require me to be in the office since the works are inter-related within the team.

At this stage I really hate being a working mom ! But life there's up and down...Thinking further they are more people have to sacrifice more. At least I get paid for all the hard work.
So I just pray that this phase will end soon. And my next project will be much better!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The LV

Everybody were talking about Siti 40k LV. And this are the feedback when one of my friend brought it up in facebook ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busy melanda

I am super duper busy...tho a lot to update. Tapi skrg ni dah sakit tengkuk dan belakang dok mengadap pc almost 24 hours dari sabtu malam sampai hari ni. Owh mengadap pc untuk kerja ye...Tapi dalam masa tu sempat la buat cheesecake sebab janji nak datang rumah bil for makan2 on Sunday. But still....angkut laptop sebab nak siapkan keje.

Review Andana Spa....tungguuuu. Tapi mmg best!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cerita Thursday

I am suppose to meet my gynae last Monday but being me workaholic kononnya, I shifted from one day to another...Now is Thursday and I still duduk baik2 depan pc do my work (and memblog sekejap) and doctor I dah marah dah ! Yeah I know health is more important...I will go and see my doctor tomorrow ok.

On the other note, my dear friend Elly has introduce me to this one spa in Glenmarie. Pretty exclusive but from the look of it I think is pretty worth it. I am going to give a try this weekend. Anyone want to join me ?

Owh second note....the mini oreo cheesecake I made for Aishah birthday party last weekend has become a great hits! Thanks Lynn for promoting it all over the facebook. So I’ve been thinking of it and yes...if any of you interested you guys can order from me. Picture will come later ;).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day dreaming

I am someone who has a very high imagination. I like daydreaming. Tho I must make sure it is realistic . No I do not berangan something that is not realistic. Like for example ..ok this is a no brainer example but I just want to put this example here. I wish I can get a designer handbag like coach. I am dreaming about it day and night. OK being me and having a husband like hubby, we don’t buy coach when we don’t afford it. It means we must have the capacity to buy it without jeopardizing our savings or having debt with credit cards to pay minimum every months or anything like that. One fine day, we have the promotion we are waiting for and suddenly we more or less afford to have one... No brainer example right cos any other people, anywhere can have coach now...Anyway that is just an example.

Next says that I am daydreaming to be millionaire by certain age. Gosh now what you brainer example or too high to achieve or ni just angan2 mat jenin? Well you never know. When you are dreaming of something I always think you must dream hard and also put an effort for it. With a little bit of luck and lot’s of prayer you might can achieve it.

I always dreaming the life that I have now long time ago. Like I know that I am going to do what I am doing now since I was in Uni. I remember when everybody try to finish their thesis for final project, I am busy searching for how to make resume and created one for me. Collecting name cards and contacts and next sending resume out. Have a job after a month menganggur hehe. Now menyesal sebab tak enjoy long enough :D.

OK this entry is not going anywhere. I am waiting for my colleague to finish their task so that I can continue mine and the waiting game is on. But I can’t surf net that much it would be to obvious. So this the closest that I can do dreaming :D about hubby and when I can retire and be a housewife..till the kids grow up then I can continue to do office job or maybe charity works. Who knows ;)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Belum sempat

Hectic weekend. What a way to welcome 2009. It's started with a suprise visit from my cousin for New Year. So we start partying since Thursday night. Followed by baking 100 mini oreo cheesecakes on Friday for my friend's daughter bithday party on Friday. In between we went for kenduri doa selamat after Friday prayer at our neighbour house and also my ex unimate at night. Then rush back at home to see another cousin who arrive at my mom's hse just before midnight. Saturday wake up early for Friso day out, the details will be later then rushing off to our friend's daughter birthday then rush home to catch up with cousins again. Party till late. So 3 days in a row sleep around 1 am and wake up early so that night we send the kids to my parents house. Get a good night sleep at 1 am again..wake up late on Sunday some house chores ...pick up kids at lunch..then gatal pegi another family gathering hubby sides ....went back around 7 ...reach home at 8...after doing what necessary rushing to Jusco for a quick hair cut for my little boys and buy some stationary ...balik rumah shower the kids, prepare their school bag and labelling what ever not. And retire at 11 pm.

Jadi ape yg belum sempat....belum sempat nak surf net haha