Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baking Project

Baking is my obsession …is like an addiction to me. So today the project will be baking my first Sarawak layered cake. I knew for the fact that I will need to spend hours and hours to get it completed hence the intention to make it has been delayed since a month a go. What a lazy mom :p. Anyway right after lunch today I start to measure all the ingredient. The recipe is pretty simple but the method is very tidiest.

For this recipe, first we need to beat the white egg until fluffy. Next, pour in the sugar, yellow egg (we need 15 eggs for this) and last the butter. I think I made my first mistake here. The egg yolk is not properly being separated from the white egg. I just realize the correct method to separate that when I get to the 5th egg I think…haha. Then next is on the butter. I forgot to take out the butter from the fridge. Usually we need to bring it out the night before so that the butter is soft. But the pandai me actually just put the butter under the sun…but it’s not that soft enough when I put in the mixture. End up I get a gritty batter even after I wait like half an hour to get it dissolved. I just continue as per instruction to make a white and choc batter.

Now is the baking part. The rule to bake the layered cake is using the ‘top fire’ setting on the oven. What I didn’t know is that for the first layer I need to use ‘top and bottom fire’ setting in order to make the layer cooked. I actually did 3 layered until I realized that I’m using the wrong method. After getting it corrected (for the next layer and so on)…I happily baked until the very final layer. This time I actually do a multitasking preparing prawn fritters for afternoon tea. During the last layer I supposed to change the setting for ‘top fire’ to ‘top and bottom’ fire. Instead I just set the minutes to 10 and not changing the setting…soon enough I smell burnt and aiyoh my cake top layer is already starting to burnt. Quickly I stop the oven and adjust the setting. It doesn’t save the first layer tho so my first layered cake is not as what I expected. Again is my first attempt . I shall try it again…overall the cake can be eaten and what I need to do is just remove the top and the bottom layer.

I now have extra of 10 white eggs. So I’m making meringue just for fun. Will update with picture later.