Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hubby is still outside with our contractor for the pj house project, while I take the chance to update my blog ( gile semangat wehhhh). Actually I want to get the update for the project from hubby and I just too lazy to join the conversation because if not I have to dress up a little bit. Too comfortable with my pajamas.....

This morning I join my friends for breakfast. Note that all of them are full time housewives. Catching up a lil bit on what's happening in our lives and yada yada...gosh how I envy them for having the courage...though they keep on pointing the pain of not havin that extra moolah to have fun. I for whatever reasons now put another milestone here before I can really take a break. Actually 2 milestones....first is to make sure the pj house is ready and we can all settle down , like really really settle down this time. I hope with the distance from my parent's home will make me be independent. Then I can sort out all my domestic laziness...perhaps that if the distance is ok for me from office to home then I might not be that tired if I still have to work for a little while. But then my second milestone... Is to have another child. Hopefully yang bongsu.... I've been thinking and know when you go out, I tend to observe older couple maybe around their 40s and look at their kids. You see that if they have 3 is like tak berapa meriah, 4 nampak mcm best sket. 5 maybe is a bonus tapi seriously I don't know if I can put up with 5. Though to be honest 3 ni pun dah semput nak divide the attention to all of them, but if I were to make room for one more....maybe ok kot?

So the plan is move to new house, then get pregnant then take a break for maybe 5 years ?

Ok sorry entry melalut .......

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chickened out!

I am back in my blogging business. See how long I can survive.

Anyway I just read this one blogger about how she treasure her love as stay at home mom while doing some freelancing work. How I envy her. For many occasions I already in the cross road of becoming a stay at home but I chickened out for one reason. Fear of not having enough. To put more salt to the wound, we are now venturing of building a new home, and selling our current house that we are staying which results to we have to stay at my mom house by end of this year till possibly June next year. Until the new house ready. And that extended to that 'we' or maybe 'I' need the extra money so that I can spoil myself with kitchen and bedding accessories... But again when I keep on putting excuses that is where I am trapped and my mind keep on wondering what if I quite and be stay at home mom. Typical!.

Now, my current state of life. Full of love. Having 3 kids make my life colorful. No word can describe the happiness when you reach home and see their faces. When they start talking to you trying to get your attention. And when they play with each other. My first one Aariz can really entertain his 9 mons little brother. Aariz will make his goofy face and Eimran will be giggling and laughing out loud which make Fawwaz jealous. Then Fawwaz will ask Aariz to stop doing that to make his way to entertain the little brother...for some reasons most of the time Eimran will not laugh and just look at him give him a one kind look. That's kinda funny. However in terms of taking care of the little one, Fawwaz shows more commitment though whether or not he can execute the task properly is still a question...

I just steal my 15 mins lunch hour time to jot this down. Since my lunch partner disappearing, I now have more time in the office ;) Later

Sunday, October 16, 2011


This evening while surfing the net, I then suddenly remember my blog. Then I open it while hubby look at me a glance and start saying this " Huh sape la nak tengok blog u yg dah besawang tu" and I look at my heart "amboiiii bukan main ko yer".

Later tonight...I feel the urge to update the blog :) Let see if I can keep this up haha.

When you don't blog for quite sometime, you have 1001 stories to tell. But then everything just come as bit and pieces here and there, simply because there's too many to tell. So now I have to choose a topic and concentrate on that one.

OK let me start with this. I start working after my maternity sometime in March. Where things are really like a roller coaster. Your life is, I mean work life is just like a limbo. When you are in a limbo then you hang on to a few which is in the same boat as you. You dwell, you whine, you laugh, you fight with those around you...and soon enough you create the bonding.

Well I have not create any bonding with anyone for years since I hang on to my husband, then a few other friends that I keep close. Those who've been in the same boat in a different occasion. So it's kinda interesting to have this new bonding. For once I felt that I am back at school. Several occasions we just run wild, laughing and giggling and teasing each other. Sharing our sorrow and happiness, talk more beyond our career, our passion, dream ,family and others. But you know like other movies, good story will always have to end.

Starting from tomorrow one of our colleague, who we have created the bonding with, has spear her wings for the better. She got promoted and leave us early then expected. There goes my partner in crime, who will go hungry as early as I am, that leave the office sharp at 12 to find good food for lunch. There goes my partner for meeting, that will appear as confidence as we can, talking smoothly when after the meeting we just laugh out loud, just wondering what the hell are we talking about just now...There goes my teacher, as wise as she is, has taught me all on how to see the issue, solutions, objective, people... all from a different perspective.

Well as much as I want to push her out from the car, when she first told me that she's leaving, I am happy for her. Wishing her all the best for her career and hope that she found what she's looking for. Now she leaves me with a whole lot of responsibilities to carry on from here, but she also leaves me her wisdom to keep on going. And yes, now I have to tie the other few who still here in the boat, ensuring that they will not leave me as well ! HAHAHA :p