Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Being grateful

No doubt that I am busy. So do hubby. We multi task and we work together to make sure the house chores and the kids are being managed how we manage or work.

One thing I realize lately the kids are also behave and responding well to us. Not that they don't act or do any drama but they become very reasonable. They wake up early and after shower they will give us a big smile. Ask for breakfast...finish their breakfast and get ready to school. In between sometime they will try to drag me late by trying to play with me...or being a little bit difficult by taking their own sweet time to prepare for school but other than was fantastic.

I like to think that mainly is because we start to become reasonble to. Listen to them well, and communicate to them nicely and wisely. Though the problem with the kids...when you become too nice to them...then they start to take advantage. If that happen I will put my monster hat :p. Then they will behave for a while ;)

Well anyway, I am just glad and fortunate that even with this busy schedule of mine. I still have everything that anyone could wish for. A loving husband, happy-healthy-brilliant kids that always make me smile and my family plus in laws ... that support my life and my family. Grateful I am.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A child conversation

Lately my weekend has been a family gathering activities. Tiring but it's fun to have all the updates from everyone.

Anyway last night we had a BBQ at my bro in law house. So as usual the kids were running around the house...They had fun as usual since their age are all about the same. While us the adults borak and lepaking at the backyard.

What I want to share here is about the conversation that my sis in law overheard. It's between Aariz and his cousin Aqil. While we the adults having a goofy conversation, the kids are having a more serious one...It goes more or less like this:

Aariz : Aqil what you want to give your wife later when you get married ? Do you want to give her a ring or bracelet ? (Guess he saw my passion on jeweleries and how hubby keep on giving in to make me happy ;p)

Aqil : (pause a while). I am not going to get married... I just want to build a house...a big house at the hill next to the beach. But I am not going to be alone because I will invite all of you to come over to my house later. (His father always work offshore and I figure at his age maybe he thinks girls are just annoying haha)

Aariz : OK never mind...I'll come over to your house with my wife later...

We all find it interesting and amusing as this is conversation between a 6 years old and 9 years old child. So then the next day I ask Aariz about his conversation....

Mama : Aariz have you found your wife yet....

Aariz : Hurm...not yet...(he gave a pause)...Ehh I have!!...It's Aishah..

Mama : You sure it's going to be Aishah ?

Aariz : Yes I am sure...

Cik Puan Nazailin sila ambil perhatian hihi

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Proposals

Being a mother, wife, daughter and worker well life never been so hectic. Hence the reasons why I didn't watch TV so much or had a time for Movie. However since my busy phase at work slowly goes down (I choose to do it slowly since the deadline is still far), I try to go home a little but early. And last night I get the chance to watch a movie - The Proposal.

Hubby were asking what movie is this about.. I just reply by saying...ala just like another romantic comedy moview. Well it is a romantic comedy movie but the storyline is quite interesting. We had a good laugh all the way except that they can probably work more on the ending. Is a bit hurm not as exciting as the first scene when Andrew work for Margaret and the when they fake their engagement and force Margaret to go to Alaska for Andrew's granny birthday party.

I still have the story in my mind till now...picturing Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) in that movie... handsome, sacarstic but yet very nurturing haha...dear mr hubby jgn muntah k ;)

Well I think that is my dose of endorphins for a day or two.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Just had a lunch with my colleague and former unimate. Anything about charity and how to improve life will boost my innerself. So now they are some lights in my heart already.

Well give me an hour or two...maybe another day or two. Will start to actively update my blog again ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Something is dying inside of me. I don't have any mood to update my blog lately. Please :(

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mood mode?

Update !
Baru jek cakap about the food then what do you know. My mom cook kerang rebus, ikan asam pedas, telur masak belacan, ayam kicap...and being me I cannot campur all lauk together so I had to take 4 serving of rice for lunch today to enjoy every dish. Ok half of my crankyness goes away right now.

I am not in the mood right now. Everything seems not fine to me. Cranky mode, unhappy and all the negative aura are just surrounded me.

Not sure if by going to buy a new curtain, a few new clothing will fix my mood currently.

Food currently doesn't appeal me that much. Usually it could help to bring some happiness in me but as of now...It doesn't.

Cranky me

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mind of a child

Aariz has been questioning us about God and a lot of other thing for a while already. His recent one is in the morning while I’m preparing breakfast for them. It goes like this :

Aariz : Ma...Who God created first in the world ?
Mama : Adam
Aariz : Hurm bukan adam sebelah rumah kita kan...
Mama : Bukan lah....This is Nabi Adam...When God create Adam, he stays in heaven. Till he eat the forbidden fruits then God send him to this world.
Aariz : Why he eat the forbidden fruits ?
Mama : Shaitan la dah hasut dia....
Aariz : Why God created Shaitan to hasut us ???
Mama : Ermmmm ( I actually speechless dah kejap, then I continue, I know this is not the right answer) God give us brain to think right, to be bad or good listen or not to listen ...
Aariz : I think I am bad guy
Mama: Whyy??
Aariz : Cos I always bully Fawwaz....

Then he walk away....Hurm not sure if my explanation get into his head correctly :p

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Law of attractions

Very interesting... the more I think about becoming a philanthropist, the more opportunity came to me. The law of attractions might apply here. Which make me think hurm....maybe I should also keep on thinking and hoping that my husband earn a lot more so that I can concentrate on my passion ;)

Have you heard about law of attractions. They said law of attractions apply when you keep on thinking or keep on saying something that you want or you want to be and the thing will come to you. I would say it apply to me before I even read the book. It’s common sense I think. Of course I believe it should come with effort and also a lot of doa.

I’m not sure if I have written this before. I believe whatever we want in life God will definitely give us a chance to get it. Sometimes it is just in front of your eyes. Is either you take the opportunities or you ignore it. Most of us like to ignore the opportunities given. Reasons...very simple, you ignore as you don’t feel to work on it. Nothing false from the sky for you. If it happens, I am sure there is a catch.

Example, in my life I wish for so many things. Countless things that I think I blog about it so many times in my previous post. Most of the wish has been granted and of course a lot of
hardwork required too.

What I am trying to say is keep on dreaming be it, becoming a work from home mom or becoming a rich person. You can also can dream of opening your own business or becoming successful. The chances will be there. The price to pay for each chances is also there. The bigger our dream the more risk we are taking. Take your pick. I already have mine ! ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010


I want to blog about my JB trip as I think is pretty important for me. Plus one small thing that I did which I am happy about it. Remember about the charity part that I blog earlier. Yes here is my first steps.

First we went early Friday morning, reach just before Jumaat and we settle at Thistle formerly known as Hyatt JB. I was thinking to blog about hotel review as lately we’ve been staying in several hotels but hurm naaaahhhh. Time is constraints for me now days.

We get the sea view....beautiful (except that I put my kids picture here instead;))

We went out in the evening around 5pm before the dinner and guess what....I had my dinner before the dinner ;). One could not resist the seafood at Stulang Laut and of course at our usual spot...Sayam. Though I have to admit that during my uni days I went here often with my bf back then and my husband always came with his friends...funny right. No picture as we both
busy stuffing ourselves with fried rice, fried prawn, daging masak merah and also otak2.
Then I went back and get ready for dinner. I was telling hubby the last time I went for a gala dinner without my partner (that time for comp sc students) he rob me away from my ex bf. So this time ...hurm I wonder...and of course he give me an annoying looks and just pretend as nothing happen :p

The dinner my attending were organize by my college where I stayed during my Uni days. Is the dinner for those who contribute the college and giving awards for those who deserve to receive it. Alumni were invited to share the joy and reminisce the old memories...Well after those year I did have some fun meeting my old JKP friends (Jawatankuasa Pelajar). Though I felt like sitting with a bunch of politician, talk softly and nicely hehe. Then I realize when I saw the picture of me...oh God ...I do gain weighttt!! See my big!

The next morning they organize a session, a talk between the alumni and the college council. One of my senior give a talk about his life in uni and how it helps after leaving university. And for myself I give them a talk about career. Since most of them are first and second year students so I reverse the content a little bit. Giving them some idea on what they should do now during the uni time to ensure they can prepare a nice resume to get their first job. It’s pretty interesting that the more I converse with hubby on the content earlier (of course I need to practice first) the more I know that we are where we are because we understand what we want to be. And that is the message that I give to my fellow junior in UTM. The crowd is not that big but I guess it’s a good start for me.

Helping others is my greatest passion and I actually just find the word for it. Becoming a philanthropist. The concept is to help others to fish but not giving the fish. Unlike charity where you actually finding the fund and giving it to the people in need. Philanthropist will help people to understand their needs and improve their life. So wish me luck to achieve what I dream for ;)

After the session they are some makan2 and mingling around. We stayed for a while then off we go to Singapore. Nothing to shout actually cos we are just visiting my uncle and aunty. My kids are very fond with my cousins over there so it has been a great treat for them. Stuffing ourselves with ice cream buffet in Swensens...then shopping for shoessssssss...I love Charles and Keith shoes. And we wrap up our trip with a cycling activities around East Coast Park.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I want to do a nice long blog posting on my trip to JB and Singapore but haven't had the time yet. So feast your eyes with the shoes picture hehe! For now...

Someone is enjoying the trip besides me hehe !

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend trip

Macam2 nak update tapi gambar dekat camera husband plak.


JB trips was good ;) sesi dinner yg byk update. sesi career talk yg penceramahnya plak yg syok sendiri hehe...reunion yg best

Singapore trip ... never miss mestila C&K shopping spree. Kasut dia murah tak tipu dari KL hehe. I bought 4 pair satu dah pakai hari ni....Pas tu we all naik basikal dekat East Coast Park. Mcm tak boleh naik basikal kat Malaysia ni ...but the kids enjoy it very much!.

Gambar we update later k.

Kije byk