Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear Diary

Dear Diary - Ecewah. OK too girlish - better stick to my own writing style.

I have few things going on, first is the launch of the one and only project that I handle. We've been working on it for almost a year and finally it is going somewhere. This project is the reasons that I am still here working and the only reasons that when I said I am not continuing after I give birth to my real baby next year and the bosses like pretend that they do not hear my request and try to make me feels like this project is my baby too and I should at least stay and work part time if necessary. The reasons I keep on thinking to or not to leave the company. Anyway on that - I still have at least 2 more months to think about it.

The next one - though the launch of my project will be next week, in the spirit of moving to the new house, ku gagahkan jua utk buat kenduri doa selamat. I make it strictly for families, neighbors - no friends (except for my 4 primary school friends as they are not many of them I keep in touch with). Reasons being, with my current condition I don't think I will be able to entertain the crowd, I want it to be a simple doa selamat with the close one and if I start inviting our friends...almost2 boleh jadi kenduri kawen.The only downside is that when you split the occasion into few then byk la pulak majlis nak kena host. But I like to host makan2 so I am ok with that.So the first one will be held this weekend, mostly cater though of course my mom would like to cook a dish or two but I decided the rest kena source out. I don't have the energy to clean or to cook as of now.

K la...that's the rambling for today. Later

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Suke hati

Suke suke hati kan kejap tulis kejap ilang. Of course suka hati I, it's my blog right :). Anyway I've been thinking to write but it's either turn to be really whiny so I thought maybe I should wait for the phase to go off, or if it's something cheerful I may need to put some picture to show you why I am cheerful.

Like today, actually since yesterday. You know weekend now I will stay at my new crib. And I always wanted to share with you the favorite part of the house. The house which why I am so proud of it because the concept and the original idea is all came from us! You see we started with just counting how many square feet we have, I mean the land size area. Then we start to imagine how many room we need, and why. The house have 6+1 room which many were saying " banyak bilik". But come to think about it we are not living like just 3 of us or something. We have 7 + 1 coming along soon. Not to mention that we have a lot of guest, and I love guest. So there's our room, the kids room (sharing basis - 2 room), my mil room (yes she may or may not stays with us), the maid room, one study room and another guest room. See I told ya, I love guest! So I must have a proper guest room, which turn out that the bathroom at the guest room is the second largest in the house haha. One of the minor design flaw if you ask me :). You might be one of my guest ;).

Anyway then it come to few more detailing, like I must be able to see the ground floor for our first floor. Because I am crazy scared to not to know or see what is up there or down there. So we have a beautiful viewing area from our family hall upstairs that can view the main hall down there. Own and I must have a huge bathroom, I always wanted a bathroom just like a hotel bathroom. Even with the space constraint, yeap I am able to have that too. But because of that I have to sacrifice the full walk-in wardrobe by just having a mini one facing the bathroom and the rest is in my room. It's hard to visual rite, that's why I said earlier that my happy posting need to have picture in it :p. But I am lazy and I am pregnant so I can get away from that :). I love the bathroom and my bedroom and I love the fact that bathroom is open - no doors !! Sexy huh :)Yeah yeah I just want to let you keep on imagining things haha!

We have balcony, two of them. One is at our bedroom and the other one is at the family area. The second balcony is impromptu decisions because there is a space, it's kind a big enough to turn it as balcony and it turn to be beautiful too. The contractor made a nice bench there for us to just chill there petang2 sambil minum kopi. But we also have another open patio at the ground floor that is also cool for us to just lepak there for minum2...

Okla hubby bising, ask me to get some shower. I can go on and on about what are other things that I like here, but I will just make you pissed off too. Mainly because you have no idea what am I talking about kan haha! Yes yes I should take a picture and post it here, or maybe you should come and visit, and be our guest :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Be thankful

Hubby saw my blog posting and his comment was on the formatting. Ok fine, I didn't put in paragraph. I actually did when I'm writing the blog post but when I publish it the formatting all gone haywire. And I am too lazy to figure out how to make it better yet!. Anyway today I work from home again. My boss is being too nice allowing me to work from home. Which helps a lot because I need enough sleep and I can't stop vomiting yet. This time round all food taste awful even drinks, I've tried almost everything and the after taste really killing me because it will trigger either to vomit or a very bad nausea. And as usual I can just whine about how bad is my pregnancy and how I wish all this can pass by as soon as possible. The only thing that I should be thankful is how supportive people around me are. Like my boss who allow me to work from home, hubby that did almost everything from cleaning, taking care of the kids and myself as well as my parents who obliging giving me anything that I want to eat or to drink. Like just now, I crave for air kelapa, then out of nowhere fresh coconut is ready for me. The kids, well they are the sweetest. They massage me, like really massage me and then they take turn be with me when hubby is out to buy food or do errands. Well to start with this is just the first 2 months. I have 7 more months to go. Wish me luck!