Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear Diary

Dear Diary - Ecewah. OK too girlish - better stick to my own writing style.

I have few things going on, first is the launch of the one and only project that I handle. We've been working on it for almost a year and finally it is going somewhere. This project is the reasons that I am still here working and the only reasons that when I said I am not continuing after I give birth to my real baby next year and the bosses like pretend that they do not hear my request and try to make me feels like this project is my baby too and I should at least stay and work part time if necessary. The reasons I keep on thinking to or not to leave the company. Anyway on that - I still have at least 2 more months to think about it.

The next one - though the launch of my project will be next week, in the spirit of moving to the new house, ku gagahkan jua utk buat kenduri doa selamat. I make it strictly for families, neighbors - no friends (except for my 4 primary school friends as they are not many of them I keep in touch with). Reasons being, with my current condition I don't think I will be able to entertain the crowd, I want it to be a simple doa selamat with the close one and if I start inviting our friends...almost2 boleh jadi kenduri kawen.The only downside is that when you split the occasion into few then byk la pulak majlis nak kena host. But I like to host makan2 so I am ok with that.So the first one will be held this weekend, mostly cater though of course my mom would like to cook a dish or two but I decided the rest kena source out. I don't have the energy to clean or to cook as of now.

K la...that's the rambling for today. Later

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