Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nigeria anyone ?

My contract will end this June and i don't have anything on my mind yet on what i should do after this. Still waiting for their feedback if they are going to extend me any further.

However this morning i receive an email. A job offer in Nigeria ! Erkkk

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coach on sale

I told pretty free now. So this is my second post for the day.

For those who are looking for a coach hbag. They are 2 now brand new coach and for sale courtesy from my friend Ita.
As hubby is in States, he can bring the bag home hence the cut of the shipping fee.

Anyone interested please email me.

Empty stomach...

I am so hungry. Can't wait to go for lunch. (done! had a mee bandung with dearest colleague)

I need to go to bank as my cash is depleting. Very fast! :(

I already have some plan for my weekend. Yippeee!

Will update more later.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fly away my busy bee

Ok! Why do i have blog if im not blogging. Because i have a busy work and demanding kids! Aci tak?

Anyway the time for my busy bee to travel again has arrived. This time round we (speaking on behalf my kids as well) doesn't have that sad feeling parting with him. Is not that we dont love him. But his business travel has become too often. We woke up early on Saturday morning, get the kids in the car... The kids still in their deep sleep. Arrive the airport around 730. While hubby get his luggage out, i try to wake them up. Shout at them...."Wake up wake up...we are at the airport. Papa will fly soon!". They open their eyes. Look out ...little one says "kita kat airport la...papa fly". Then papa give them hug and kisses and of we go.

Then the single mom journey begin for me. I bring them to get some breakfast in Klang, opposite Jusco Bukit Tinggi. They had their roti canai and hot milo. We stroll around Botanic Club House. I even brave myself to go into the Sales Office for Ambang Botanic to see show house for their Semi D. Is gated and guarded housing area and the Semi D start at 770k. Ok just in my dream :p

Next i need to get some of baking stuff, promise to bake some muffin for my friends daughter's birthday party. Once we get everything that is necessary, we went straight home. To my suprise my aunt and kids is waiting at home. Ok my parents is not around that weekend as they are visiting my other aunt in S'pore. So since my parents not around, is my resp to take care of the guest. Additional task to a single mom, but superwoman should can do all rite? We socialize for a while..It's actually great to have them around so that my kids have additional adults to play with. I get to prepared some lunch (lauk beli and goreng2 aje ok), then bake my muffin then get the kids ready for the birthday party. By 3.00 we are off to BV.

Kinda impress with myself as i manage to find BV without sesat sesat. I bring my bibik along just so that i can have my me time with the girls to chat. Knowing Aariz, he can definitely play by himself and make some new friends. But Fawwaz he really need one to one attention. They played and they laugh and they eat, and the sing the birthday song to little Ayra. Close to 7 i make my way out (more update on the birthday go to .I think the kids had a great time that they stayed quiet in the car. Once we reach home and the kids get washed up..all of them dozed off around 9-930 without any hek or hok. Just sleep.

Well that is my first day without my hubby around. Sunday is not bad either. We were lazying around till 3 pm. Suppose to bake stgh for my other friend's daughter birthday party. But im too lazy. We watch tv, experiment baking some cookies but it fails. Around 2 stgh we get ready for the other birthday. This time i just order choc muffin from my neighbour. Went for the birthday, the kids had a blast there, mama get to mingle around with other mommies. We went off around 6, stop by at Jusco to get our supplement for the week (Orange juice, yogurt, milk, egg). The kids are crazy for Mc donald vanilla cone. So i bought them one each. They eat it all by themselve, not even sharing with me huh!. We went straight home after that. The kids settle around 10.

Aariz and Fawwaz are fantastic kids. They are more managable when hubby not around. No one to manja2 i guess cos i am quite strict with them. Bath time means u bath or i give u cold water (no water heater). Brush your teeth mean no playing or messing around!. Eat and drink properly then only you can watch tv!. Finish your homework or else you go into the dark room hehe. Sleeping time means we can all cuddle each other ;). I love them..and i miss you too papa. Will see how it goes for the next 3 weeks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Super hot and super vomit !

(This is long overdue post ;) )

It's started on Sunday when i have a nice plan on my head what should we do for the entire day. Lately ...yeah lately it's very difficult to get just me, papa and the kids together. It always some activities, or visiting or anything that we have to do. I am not complaining....All these socializing activity will give some exposure to my kids and enhance their communications skill. So i'm ok with it but i also need some me time with my little family.

Ok back to Sunday. We woke up quite early...bath, get dress and out we go to get our breakfast in Klang. Aariz already complaining about being tired. Usually both of them are morning person including papa...but definitely not me. When we reach there...Aariz refuse to eat, Fawwaz just want his hot milo and just before we finish our meal...Fawwaz has vomit all over the place. Yes all over papa too!. So we clean up what we can...then we head back home. I've been a little bit subborn i guess cos i really want to go to OU. We headed there finally, had a great time for around 2 hours but then Fawwaz start to vomit again. Zoom we head to SMC to get both check. That time the one who is more alarming is Fawwaz as he refuse solids and keep on vomitting. We send both to Dr anyway as Aariz already shown some high fever. We have been adviced to come back after 3 days if the symptom still persist.

We spend the whole evening entertaining two kiddo that is not feeling well. Home is super quiet. The kids just melepekkkk. It feels odd!

Next day both of them still having fever. I decided to work from home despite my work that is piling on top of my head. It's a quiet week ... as when they are sick, they are just sleeps, refuse to eat, watch tv, sleep again...but the good thing are, they are fine eating medicine(except abang ada sikit drama) and they drink plenty of warm water.

Well that goes my weekend. Last weekend suppose before hubby need to travel again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The party!!! post-mortem

I hope everybody enjoy the party despite the heavy rain. It is something that we least expected because raining in Sijangkang is rare. And even it’s raining; it’s hardly rain for that long!!!!

I already plan and imagine this party since in New Zealand days. Inspired with their outdoor activities and how free and easy their kids are. Not to mention that their creativity to use less expensive props to get the kids to play and be happy. I’m planning to get just not my kids to experience it but all others kids as well. Good things should be shared that is what I have in my mind.

Ideally this is how it supposes to be. It should be an open space party on the field/hill in front of my father house. There’s no tent initially but my sister insist and we have a tent for the kids eat area. Yeah I separate the kids eating area with adult. They have their own table, chair, small cute food for them, plastic bright bowl, plate, glass from Ikea…every details just to make sure the kids enjoy the food and eat by themselves. There’s a camping tent, compliment from my brother where we stuff in with toys and balloon. I’ve been bugging my husband to make a tunnel from used box and get it wrapped with white paper. The kids can play inside or outside the tunnel…. There’s a trampoline too next to their eat are so that they can have fun jumping around.

3.00 – 4.00 pm: Upon the arrival the kids need to go to sort of registration table, get their party hat decorated and wear it. There’s sticker, glitter glue for them to decorate. Next, they can get their face painted…and straight to the eating/play area for them to feast on the food or play on the trampoline or tunnel. Colouring activities is also avail for kids that don’t really like outdoors…

4.00 pm: Treasure hunt…ok the kids with adult supervision will need to go and find their treasure. They are 4-check point. And from each checkpoint they will get various chocs and biscuits that I have prepared.

5.00 pm: Cutting cake ceremony…this is the highlight!!! The birthday boy will blow the candles, who ever in charge will spray the party thingys I don’t know what sister bought it…. and also pop the party popper. Then immediately after that we release the bubbles from our machine bubbles!!!

That is the ideal plan….

God willing is Greater than what we human has plan. So at 2.30 when we just complete decorating the kid’s area …and I even started to bring the food in…. Heavy rain pour and even I thought and was hoping it should just take half an hour or maybe one hour…It just keep on pouring till 6…stops for a while and continue till midnight.

Some activities we just have to scrap. Everybody need to cramp in the house…It’s a bit messy at first where we need to re-arrange the food. Then I just get the party hat decorating started. Kid’s a bit calm I guess, as at least they are something to get them busy…. Then we get the colouring activities going…After a while my sister start distributing the party pack...where we have lot’s of treats to give away. You can see cute little kids obediently lining up for the treats!. All that are compliment from my sis in law, my sister and myself. Next we get the bubble machine running …whole house is full of bubbles and you can see the kids jumping to catch the bubbles in between parents which are all over the place.

The highlight is now on the birthday boy for the cutting cake ceremony… Some of the guest is going to make a move. So we get the kids table to be in the centre of the hall. Two birthday cakes for two birthday boys. My nephew who is close with Aariz is celebrating his birthday as well. We sang the birthday song, and the parents help to pop the party popper and some other sprayed the party thingys all over the people and the cakes!! Haha…the departing gives from us for the birthday party is various books to be chooses by the kids…

Overall, it is not as per what my ideal plan. But everything went well. Personally I love the party hat activities as I can see the kids enjoy sticking up their favourites character on their hat. They get to be messy as well by gluing, colouring and many more. The other favourites part of mine is the bubbles…as you can see all the kids stand up and start to jump around. Deep inside my heart, I hope all the kids enjoy the party and the activities provided. Even I wish that they could have more fun playing outside the house,

I’m not sure how about you parents. Do you enjoy the activities? …. Tell me what you think !

the birthday boy

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time flies and here we are

I've been looking to the old picture in facebook. Posted by my sister in law. Wonder how time flies. And how we change ....I could remember how we are at that stage...what are the hardship and challenges that we face.

Physically...yeap hubby getting more tembam...and actually i gain some kilos as well.
Emotionally...funny thing is our love is getting stronger. I thought the love is going to remain static but who knows that we actually discover stgh new about each other. Our love to the kids also become stronger. Now we know how to remain calm to certain situations and how to let go when necessary. It actualy makes our life more relax and meaningful.
Financially...we are more or less happy on where we are now... definitely better than during our earlier days. Thanks to God for all rezeki that is coming from HIM.
Career wise... I am still try to find a more relax role or maybe switch job altogether so that i can concentrate more on family. Currently the job is a bit exhausting but life must go on. Good thing is, i am now back in my hometown. I have my parents to take care of the kids when im at work.
Hubby never been better. He is a positive man which i think that is why what ever role he gets, he will be happy and execute it well. I am happy for him so long it works for our relationship.

In a person i think we achieve quite a lot during the past years. Chances to travel and met new people has also widen our eyes and knowledge.

This year our aim is to move to our own house. Renovation plan to start somewhere in June. We also have a family trip plan somewhere in June. That is the highlight for this year i guess. Besides all other impromptu trip that we have in between and all other occasions that we plan or attend.

Of course they are lot more to comes. I sounded like blogging for a beggining of the year or wrapping up the year. Well as i have not been blogging for a while... it's prob fair to recap some of the things that has been lingering on my minds.

Now i have to get back to work...and soon (maybe tomo) ill update on my cheeky monkey birthday prep...I have all this idea and crazy plan. We will see how it goes!