Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bile tuan punya blog....

tak boleh respond dalam comment box sendiri...

sorry peeps tak tau kenapa when i try to respond comment dalam comment box tu jadi hang. adakah sebab try comment dari office ? haih!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Bird' penyek ?

Aariz cousins just went for circumcised last school holiday. So after a while they went for a play date together last weekend.

Today at home he brought the ‘sunat’ subject. As usual (very meannnnn parents) like to scare him by saying that the ‘tok mudim’ will cut the whole ‘bird’. I know it’s not nice...Fawwaz is screaming saying that “Heyyyy later how are we going to pee!!! If I cannot pee than you know”, threatening me back haha. While Aariz look at me and says “No la ma, they will not chop the whole ‘bird’, just the tip of it and it will become ‘penyek’. Then I ask how you know?. He replied “The other day Akil (his cousins) show me his ‘bird’ after ‘sunat’ and I show him my ‘bird’ before sunat. His ‘bird’ is penyek”. Nak pengsan mak dengarkannya!.....And of course I get alarmed and told him don’t ever show his penis to people and not to see others as well!...But his argument is to see what is the difference.

After sending them both to their kindy I immediately call my husband told him about the conversation. He said well it is normal for boys to have this kind of conversation and I was like huhhhh!!!??. Then he continue at least Aariz shared things with me...And I wonder what else that this cheeky boy haven’t shared with me.

Anyway mommies out there this normal?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Being a mom

Having a good conversation with my uni mate. Catching up about live and stuff.

For some reasons I forgot that her son is already in Primary 1. And we are talking about our kids that is growing becoming independent and less and less dependent on us.

Like mine, I already start to train him on most of the stuff that he need to be independent with. Like feeding himself, taking care of his hygiene, taking care of his own stuff, peeing (several technique if you must know), and finally washing his own poo. The last one came in a little bit later actually as he cannot digest the idea of washing his own you know what and afraid of getting that sticky smelly things on his hand. But one fine day ( I guess this have to thank my mom and bibik) as he went to the toilet to do his big business, and when I check on him if he finish he ask me to go away. Proudly he claim that he can wash his own. I took a peek to see if he can really clean it up to my standard. Well enough said if half bottle of the soap is finished (mama exaggerating) and looking on how hard he try to sental you know what...ok’s up to my standard then.

Well back to my conversation with my friend earlier I express about how worried I am on Aariz going to Primary 1 later. What if that and what if this. Then she said they just going to be fine. Seems that usually the mother will be worried sick but the kids will probably enjoy their school.
But unfortunately we can’t continue our conversation much after that. She need to pick up her sons. She claims if she’s late than later the kids will be wondering around ...hard for her to find him. Which I told her...well if that happen I’m sure the mom will be the one who will be crying, while the kids maybe just happily playing somewhere inside the school haha.

Well that’s the price of being a mother right. Keep on worrying about our kids. No wonder my mom are like that ! :D

Owh no!

I had this conversation with hubby last night. To have a TV in our room. I am not a fan of TV that much but during pregnancy it helps me a lot to get me to sleep. Yes! TV before I sleep.
It is the same for my other 2 pregnancy. Having TV relax me down and sort of kill some time before I go to bed. And yeah I need specifically TV with Astro so that I can flip around. Not so much of watching it actually just to get myself tired. DVD doesn’t work for me.

Hubby on the other hand keep on mentioning about the extra wiring that he had to do and I keep on reminding him that I REALLY NEED THAT :p or else we will be camping at the living hall. At least for the next 6 months.

Next project is to get new air conditioner for my room at my mom’s hse. The one that we having now is broken. Then to get new cabinet for the new arrival. Current cabinet already full with my 2 boys clothing and don’t know what else. I probably going to spend most of my time at my mom’s house esp during Ramadhan and also during confinement so need to get all ready and set to go for both mine and mom’s house.

The list start to get longer... My mom already suggested to us to make the extra room at my house as baby room. I still think that at least for the first 6 months the baby should stay with us in our room so I don’t want to spend on that yet. But will see.

And the best part even I have been thinking about what to buy and what to do I am still in my lazy mode. I can’t stand more than half an hour to be in a shopping mall so how am I going to start shopping ? Don’t even start with raya preparation...I think I will just pass some money to my sister or my mom to buy my boys baju raya.

Owh the time that I get all the excuses to shop and be in shopping mall is the time when I can’t even stand to be in the mall itself. How lame is that!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


There is melon on my tummy hehe!

It is round and moving - berombak ombak! Hubby gets excited looking at my tummy and the kids....they were amaze for 5 sec then kiss the tummy then next busy playing and ignore me.

Anyway I have 9 more days to go. The job is ramping down....few documentation to do...Arghhh don't we hate documentation.

K lah later...after 3 posting yesterday I don't have much idea to blog for today.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Young chap, spoilt brat

The other day we are talking about someone who would like to take a course that sounds difficult and not much future. How most of them against it especially on the location of the university and the course itself. The thought of how spoil the kids are (for getting whatever he or she wants) and now to study overseas taking courses that for some of them don’t have a future...well make me think.

I’m not sure yet how am I going to shape my kids later. But I believe that we need to believe in the kids and also believe on rezeki. I believe on the upbringing of the family helps on the success of the kids later on.

On the above scenario parents who spoilt the kids...what’s not new on that? Aren’t current parents generation not tend to do that ? This usually came from parents yang dulu hidup susah and don’t want their child to face the same. Like when hubby had this conversation with our contractor last time. He has been working hard day and night....getting a daily rate for his job around 70 to maybe 100 ringgit a day. He provide motorcycle to his kids who study at college. Constantly give money to them when they ask for. For his daughter that still in primary school he gave around RM 2 or 5 I don’t remember a day as he don’t want his kids to face what he has to face last time. The feeling of being left out when they were small not able to get what they want makes them provide to the kids so that they don’t have to face the same thing. Well that is the scenario from an ordinary kampong guy that earn by doing any sort of work for a living.

When come to our generation where all are being measured by material, we ensure that our kids wear the latest designer brand, get the latest toy in store, expose them to software and electronics and some tend to compete with their peers. Let the kids as early as age 5 as my kids start to compete and compare on the smallest item like their eraser, pencil case, school bag and what not. And we as parents listen to their wailing to get a more new branded stuff to be parade at school the next day. We let them do that to us and we teach them to do that to us. Well let face it, we are also the same!

Now let’s get back to the scenario about this young chap that now planning to study overseas (of course sponsored by parents) doing some course that some of them think of not having a bright future. My husband has a take on taking something that is more general so that it increase the chances to get a job. I have the opposite thinking. OK we put aside the spoil brat kids that we may have raise. Well after all it our kids. Now when they want to shape their future either we already give them guidance a long way down the road on the prospect career or we let them choose. And when they already choose what they want to do, is not our right to say yes or no. We can guide them , show some lights. Eg: if they want to become a pilot, then probably introduce them to pilot friends to listen to their experience, real life working experience. Is that what they want to do. Bring them to the education center and get them to see the subject that they need to take and pass. Then let them decide. I don’t mind my child taking some weird courses if they really want it. But they need to understand and be responsible with their choice. If it’s going to be funded by me, then they need to know that it’s a chance of a lifetime. They have siblings and it wouldn’t be fair if all the fund goes to him or her just because they don’t know what they want to do or take things for granted. If they believe in their choice I will believe in them. Who knows they are one of the people that is going to be like Bill Gates (fat chance) but hey nothing wrong to dream. And after all, after all the usaha and blessing from the parents, what come next is rezeki by God. You could be choosing a hell one course that promise a high chance of becoming rich and you might be a dean list for every semester. But if God says it is not your rezeki, it will not be yours! After all a degree nowadays is just a passport for you to get a job. It doesn’t guarantee you anything.

Then I guess it all boils back to the upbringing. Whether our spoil brat kids that we spend hundreds or thousands to them without them knowing the sweat of getting a penny will survive in the outside world? Those who whine to get the latest pencil case that move on to get the latest watch then next the designer handbag and multiple original games software will afford to get any of it using their own account. Are we going to become parents that took care of our child even when they are married and having their own child ? Well world has differently turn the other way round where we don’t look after our parents but look after our child. Then I wonder who going to look after us if we still looking after our child. Will they look after us later since we don’t look after our parents? Confuse eh ?

Anyway back on the young chap spoilt brat that want to study in overseas hehe...the other topic that caught me is that the location that he wants to study at is at the middle of the fun land that you could be deviated either to study or to party. Please spectators...I mean this is not their parents. You can be partying dalam hutan or outside or anywhere if you plan on one. Of course compared to if you already at the fun land not effort required to get on and party. Back to basic is always on upbringing. He or she can be deviated regardless where they are and is either we as parents thought them good enough or we as parents are lucky enough to get them back is all God willing again.

I might not be the best to comment after all since my kids is still small. But I believe in all the small things that matter to bring up a child. Since I’ve been brought up by my conventional parents that I swear I really hate them when I am a teenage. But as I grow older and wiser I get to understand what are they doing for us is for our own good. And how they believe in us to make the decisions in our lives as they already guide us enough during our childhood. And good thing even we don’t turn out to be a multimillionaire (yet) or some big shot (yet)....but so far we are all doing fine and ok and I hope I make them proud too. The same thing that I hope I can do for my kids later on.

note: my 3rd entry for the day....what does it means eh? actually i have more things to blog...but esok pulak lah ;)

Terlupa atau pelupa?

Isn't it nice to blame everything on the hormone right. Like me being forgetful.

Last week I left my purse inside my drawer in the office. I don't realize it until the next day when I am working from home and have to fetch my kids....which I thought of getting them something at the shop nearby and owh darn!!! The purse is not with me!.

If not how la I am going to buy food for us ? My brain thinking hard ... about hurm maybe I get some food that I can pay with my credit card...ops my credit card is in the purse. Hurm how about cash some money using my cheque! Aiyohhh than need my IC to identify myself....Luckily my mom call me right after that to tapau us some food.

Then next is when we pay a visit to my mil hse. Conveniently leave my handphone there. Err we already halfway through back to my house and we decided to make a turn back to PJ just to get the phone.

Yesterday I left my house key at my mom's hse and conveniently drove back to my house. Reach home with no keys and staring blank at my son (Fawwaz) then I ask him where is the key. He replied...don't know la ma...Again luckily my husband is just 10 mins away from home (he is with Aariz just return from swimming class) and I kill my time to drive around our housing area......

Each incident make me more alert with my belonging now...but hey I can't stop my hormone from making me forgetful right...Yeah right!

Property hunting

So we went for property hunting last weekend. We were thinking of buying a properties near to my in laws housing area. Reasons being, the chances that my mil will stay with us once my sil move out from her house is very high. By staying near to both my sil, we can at least get some help whenever necessary especially if we have to go away for weekend, work late and many other reasons. The thought of having family near is somewhat drive us to this.

The property area is at Setia Alam. We are looking at Setia Eco Park at first as my sil mention when they launch the Semi D price is around 600k. My thought...the highest it could go maybe 900k after 3 years...or maybe 1.1 mill top. With confident we went there and what do you is actually launching day for the new phase of their Semi D. To be eligible to buy you need to get a letter from the appointed bank by the developer. But that will not guarantee you yet, they have balloting system later and if you get it then you have to sign and buy there and then. We went to check our eligibility... which we pass...then next only we ask for the opening price....freaking 1.7 million!!!! For a semi-D. I use to think people who buy a terrace or semi-d that cost a bomb is silly...I guess I just one of them? No ? OK we don’t know yet. I told hubby why not we have a look at the show unit first. Who knows it is really nice and worth the money.

We hop on the buggy car and they bring us to this nice show unit area. Well to summarize, they have around 8 show unit different design and they are all disappointing. First the criteria is to have a bedroom with attached bathroom for the mil. Some of them some of them not. The second major turn off is on the kitchen design. Is either too small and (not or) all are facing the wall not the garden. Who cook in the dark ? I want my kitchen to be open and facing outside. I can’t tolerate on that but other things do contribute on why is it a no no to buy this properties. They have some show unit unfurnished. Means this is what you get when you buy the house. The finishing is ok but not great. You don’t feel that 1.7 mill is worth the feelings of the material that they give. Look at the staircase alone...Just a normal staircase like the one in my current house. Even the timber flooring feels cheap. I am not sure if the factor of the house is powered by solar make the price go up that much.

Anyway after spending a good 3 hours there we don’t think we are going to buy the property there for now. At least for that price. When we check the house around Setia Alam, the Semi-D now goes around 888k and above. Still crazy but pretty much reasonable. But they are selling like a hot cakes.

We start to expand our search and other possibilities. Property near Setia Alam maybe if not there. But this is just a thought for now. Property hunting is fun but with current market it is not wise to buy one. At least that is what we thought. People are crazy to buy not to stay but to re-sell. The properties price went up not 10-20% over years...but 100-200%. Our salary doesn’t goes up that much. But people still buy those house and spoil the market. (well people that are conventional like me might think that way). Since the economy is good now, best is to keep our money save somewhere. Stop buying and just relax. Hoping that later when the economy goes down again, then we can smartly invest and spend our money wisely. Perhaps this time I can go and look for lelong properties :p

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dream on!

Tengah dalam investment mode and shopping mode. Macam mana tu ?

We still don't have a conclusion on where do we really want to settle down. The dream...the big dream of building our own house on a landed area or just to buy a house in a gated community with facilities. When we start to think about properties we just went crazy haha. I have a dream of a perfect kitchen facing a garden...and he has a dream of his own house on his on terms.

Then a part of thinking the perfect location and the perfect house...some other things we have to consider also. See being an adult and if thinking of being a responsible one, a lot more to think. To think about our parents, the in convenient the location if we have to take care our ailing parents... Then not to forget about our kids, the school, the environment, place for recreation and facilities.

Well when my bain starts to think on the next near future...mcm2 lah. But we can always plan and God will still determine the final case.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy mode...

Tak tau kenapa. I opt for something different this morning. Get myself Big Breakfast from McD and eat slowly until the last bit on my desk while doing my work hehe. Seriously happy dengan my Big Breakfast haha.

On the other note I am looking for second hand baby particular like baby cot ( I need another one to be place at my mom's hse), baby swing ( I figure if I buy brand new it would be a waste...since usually my baby use it until he is 5 months top). Baby carrier (This one pun I guess I'll be using 6 months top, prev experience shows that by then they are too big for the carrier). What else ? Hurm actually I made a list of baby checklist the other day. Then dengan pandainya I open another file and close my baby checklist file without saving it!. Pandai tak!!

But I am good without that know why...If not I'll start looking at baby stuff and itchy to buy some of them because they look so cute!!! and like a must have... Example like this one. Justify ke ?The other thing that I feel like having it or must have is moses basket. No picture on that yet...ngade ngade ke tak ? I know some not necessary at all because my first 2 child can survive without any of this...Of course la we have other gadget but just a basic one. But now since you are financially better than before you feel like to provide a better facilities for you child. Is that fair?... mama dalam dilemma

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet and bitter

Often when I read other people blog or get to know about other people life (yes I am nosy hehe) I like to compare with my own current life. To reflect the high and low of our own. Most of the time... I have to be grateful that so far I am blessed with all the goodness and greatness of life. Though they are some bitterness here and there, but we have to manage our expectation right don’t we?

I would be lying if I said that I am happy throughout the years. They are up and down. Unhappy with work, money, family, husband, the society and the list can goes. The day that you heard or you read about people who can splurge their money and buy dozens of designer handbag and shoes...that night I will go all over my husband asking why I can’t have this and that and why I can’t just simply buy this and that. Well this is the best part .... he will rationalize me with his justifications which I know is true but still buat muke monyok and tt’s about it. Sometime he makes some funny remarks that remind me why I marry him at the first place...I swear there is one night I really want to blog about his goofy remark that I forgot already what was it to prove that my husband is frugal and witty and meannnnn!. But not that I didn’t get any at all. With good justification I manage to get away once in a while.

Same goes to I dreaded to be a fulltime housewife each and every other day (especially the bad day) I will nag on him over and over again to let me just be one. But then again we have set certain standard of a lifestyle that we want to achieve or at least to have a strong financial before I really jump off from the boat. Hence why am I still here in the office have to liaise with 1001 perangai manusia kan...and again not that we are not compromising with each other. I have my opportunities now to take a short break and at the same time applying for a job that maybe can give me more satisfaction. Well due to that they are certain things that I, we and the family has to sacrifice and will be subject to what is going to happen in my career and his career.

Well not sure what is the point of my posting today. I just want to share that sometime we expect that our life should be like this or should be like that. But when reality strikes things will change and we just have to adapt with the change. Some things we want we might not always get it so what do we do ? We either work for it, we might get it later OR ... we lower our expectation and just get whatever we have now and enjoy it.

I guess life is really like a box of chocolate. We never know what are we getting...just enjoy every piece of it as regardless what will still be sweet with a little bit of bitterness.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby checklist ?

4 years gap from my last baby is actually quite long. I forgot already what is required to welcome the new baby onboard. Well at first I am not that excited to look at baby preparation checklist. They are 6 more months to go and since I already have 2 I thought they are nothing much to worry about. But after reading some blog of expecting mom and also talking to my dear friend lyn ... they have started looking and thinking of buying some baby stuff. That put me in alarm mode for a while.

I realize that I don’t have much baby stuff left with us. Baby clothing almost all given away including the bibs, cute booties and socks. And since Aariz and Fawwaz gap is not that far I recycle most of Aariz stuff to Fawwaz. By now if I still have some of them...they must be very old already ...yikes hehe. Baby clothing is a must on my to buy list...But i’ll start that sometime after Raya maybe.

I know my Mc Laren stroller is still in a good condition ...we bought that just before we move to Kiwi land 3 years back to replace the old Annakku stroller that already broken into 2. Yes we use our stroller to the core regardless it is cheap or expensive ( we have only 2 so far btw)... and pretty much satisfied as both has been travelling around and be on the plane/ferry, not once but countless time. Lucky them stroller hehe. I don’t know if I am going to fall under the hype of kiasu parents nowdays that have the most branded stroller and parade it around the shopping mall ...will see that later ;)

Next will be the baby cot. Well at time when we have Aariz we just bought a playpen. A lousy one...poor little boy. But then again as we are travelling around (that time to Miri) and stayed in a service apartment we can request for a baby cot. When Fawwaz arrive we only have a few months before moving to Kiwi land. There we get ourselves a second hand baby cot which is cheap and very reliable. We ship it back here to Malaysia hence I don’t think we need to get a new baby cot. We will repaint it back and the colour may depends on what came out from my scan next month.

What else, bottles, sterilizer, new microwave to heat the milk..breast pump (hubby ask me to rent first to see if the breastfeeding goes well) that will come later as well. I keep on thinking that I have plenty of time to plan for all this. But if I look carefully on the schedule for this year...first we just have one month before ramadhan and next raya. After raya which is in October ....besides the baby stuff, Aariz is going to primary school!!! Means I will be busy shopping for his text book and what not then the school uniform and the shoes....white spanking shoes... At this rate I don’t know which one I should be more excited .... the first day Aariz going to school (which I really hope that I am still strong and not due yet) or to welcome the new bundle of joy.

Year 2010 might be a slow moving year for me...but second half towards the end of the year looks pretty exciting with new hope for 2011. I am dreading to have this 15 days to be over soon and start a new leaf of life.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The monthly check up - 12 weeks

Yesterday I went for my monthly medical check up. Now the hospital that I went to has this scanner with new technology. Well I can’t describe much on the technology but what I witness are wonderful. At 12 weeks I can see clearly the baby with her 2 hands and legs, can see almost the facial feature ie: the nose. I can listen to the heart beat and during the scan my baby is so active jumping up and down. No kidding ...we can see the baby bounce in my tummy happily and wiggle her leg too. At that moment I know what I went through so far it is more than worth it.
Since the visit is during weekday, I get my dear boy Aariz to accompany me. He is a great companion...(of course now with his PSP he behave extra well). When we walk into the hospital, I saw a wheelchair. Ask him if I can sit on the wheelchair and he push me. He said of course when I want to deliver the baby later. I said I want now. Then he pause and look at me. Now cannot, you can walk ..later people marah at you. Ok that’s fair enough :p. He wait patiently for me to gobble a full bowl of laksa while of course playing his PSP. When I suddenly felt like vomiting and running straight to the toilet, he also jump from his chair and follow me running...he he cute! Wait for me in the toilet and make sure that I am ok before I walk out from there. At 6 years old I feel blessed to have him as my eldest child as he is far more responsible that I hope that he would be.

They are drama at home while I and Aariz went for the check up. Apparently my other child is not very happy that he being left out from the check up. Upon reaching home, Fawwaz throwing tantrum and menangis mendayu2 at me asking me why I leave him behind. This child of mine is very different from Aariz. Since he was small he will be showing tantrum or even develop fever if we leave him for a short trip. Not to mention long trip where I have to cut out some of my buss trip due to his feverish condition. Very clingy but very bossy too. When you are around he will pretend that he don’t need you but if you try to leave him, he will be the most charming boy ever. At night when his dad reach home, he again repeat the same sad story. Accusing his brother to follow me and leave him behind while he is sobbing. Kesian dia. I promise him for a treat between him and me only soon.

One moment ago I long want to be the successful career woman. Now days my career is just to fulfil my inner self. If only that the inflation and the cost of living that we have to bear here in Malaysia...long ago I already retire from my current workforce. Sad that sometime I make my kids to believe that I really have to work hard to earn money to provide for the family. Like what Aariz just mention to me the other day...”Ma when the baby is out you have to work harder you know. Both you and papa”. When I ask why he simply reply “ Because we need to buy stuff for the baby , we need more now”... Well sometime I do I really need more cos if we just live life as it is income should be enough. But for that extra need here and there 2 income is what we need for now. Really then I think again...will that worth with what I sacrifice for the kids...the time. I am strong believer that the kids will be a better person if one of us stay at home and concentrate on their needs.

Up till today I still not sure what if I’m doing the right thing or not. Again I will be thankful that at least my kids are back there with my parents that will teach them some good life lessons. And I am looking forward to have the third one...and maybe more later one if everything goes well ...God willing.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tired but chatty

Too lazy to work la lately. Can I blame to my hormone? Of course I can ;).

Just to kill time let me blog some more about my ‘interesting’ pregnancy journey. My belly has become round and I swear the other night I felt a hard kick from inside my tummy. Hubby said it’s impossible as this is just my 11 to 12 weeks (according to the doctor). But deep down my heart I think it could be more than 12 weeks already. I am due to my monthly check up but since my work is piling and I have a testing that I need to complete today, I skip the check up.
I felt like wearing jubah all the time or kaftan or just plain naked. Seriously anything that hanging around my belly make me super uncomfortable. No need to describe more on that but I am on jubah hunting for my working attire. Which I still have time to think about in the next few weeks until I get confirmation if I get the job! Without the job I am just happy with my few jubah that I have and kaftan and prob just stay naked (the last one apply if I’m at home all alone ;))

Ok please stop any wild imagination of yours…

Next move on to my dear boy Aariz. He never fail to amuse me. The boy love to make card for us. Almost every day or every alternate day he will make one for any of us. Just recently he ask hubby to spell wife. And hubby told him how to. The next thing he gave me a card nicely written : ‘This is special for my wife and my mom!’. Well my reaction …. I merajuk immediately. Then he ask me why ma why ? I ask him who is his wife. Why you want me to share the card with your wife? Why you wrote wife first before mom ! Hehe…I maybe over reacted but hey :p. I have the right :p. So he quickly erase the part ‘my wife and’ leave the statement ‘This is special for my mom’. But I still give him my merajuk face. So he went up the bed and give me a hug and promise me for a new card. Sigh….one day when he is big enough I don’t think I am going to get this treatment again….so I guess I deserve to enjoy this moment.

We have a conversation after that about the wife and the mom. I tell him that he need to treat her mom (me) special, different from the wife. Later when you have a wife of course you will love her and be together with her…but don’t forget me. Always put me somewhere special in your heart! Of course then simple answer for him. Ok ma…I love you ma…yeah right! I hope I have another 20 years or more before someone rob him away from me (selfish mama :p).

Another thing, hurm lately I kinda mixed up my real life with my dream. My dream revolve around what has just happened in my real life and evolve to what next could happened. Example, in real life they are one person that I do not agree on what she do. In my dream, I actually confront this girl and she turn out to do things differently. Another occasion is I am waiting for a call to discuss on some package…the next thing I dream of on what are the package offered. The weird thing is when I wakes up and do some stuff, I thought that my dream is real ….I thought things already happened but in reality…it is just a dream continuity from what has happened in my real life. I get confused for a while until I remember which is reality which is not. Scary huh! I hope this is temporary because I just got it during my weak period that I sleep most of the time. Maybe because I fall asleep often and what happened in reality flows in my dream…and that is what it happens.

See suddenly I have so much to update. Will keep other stories for later.

Good news!

Have you heard about the good news ?

My nausea is almost over! Ok I might speak too soon but hey I it's ok to have a good hope right!

I still have some of it at night but it's managable. The vomit part of course it won't go away 100% but at least it has been reduced much.

Since it's all look pretty much good I decided that it's time for our overdue holiday. Poor my 2 boys not able to go anywhere with us during the school holiday as my nausea are very bad that time. So we plan for a short getaway this weekend and I am really looking forward to it. Hope everything turn out to be well !

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What I hate part 2

Warehouse sales!

Mainly for shoes, clothing....or any small small item lah. I hate the fact that I need to que....long que, then fight over shirts of shoes that I don't even have enough time to think whether or not I need the thing. And usually after all the effort of going into the place, you feel just not worth it to buy 1 or 2 ...and again you end up buying things that most of the won't use it.

You know what else I hate the most...when the thing at the warehouse sale is broken. Well once I bought few shoes and guess what? Tapak tercabut lah .... kaler turun la...mcm2 hal!

I went to a few last year...but I guess I just not the type that sanggup to do all this for the sake of cheap thing. Cheap come with a price that end up the same or more price that I pay for the thing that I really want and the convenient of time purchasing it. Well that is power buyer!

What I hate

Pernah tak you have so many things running in your head yg kejap you think about this then next you think about that but it's actually going nowhere. Well that is what happening to me now.

One thing for sure I hate the thought of you want to do something or you plan on something but then they are uncertainty and nothing much you can do but just let the clock ticking and let everything else false into pieces. Okla itu jek la dulu :p