Thursday, August 2, 2007


Busy busy busy day!!! There's nothing more than busy bee that i can only update i guess. And what make things worst we took shift to take care of the kids after work so that either him or me can work late at work. We took SHIFT!!. Supposed that i have a not so stress type of work now what happend :((

We went to a stress management class last monday. After all our project doesn't want their project team to get really stressed and we need to manage the stress. Stress management session that took half day for three weeks in a row ??? We get even really stress!!! But the positives sides of it...i have started to look at the greener side of our life here rather than rambling bout works or how sucks life can be .....I hope.

Let see what happend in my life lately. Wakes up around 630 or 700 to be exact. Hubbs will actually wakes up as early as 530 to attend Fawwaz. Myself ..i can't really open my eyes. Then first things ill do in the morning is cook!. This is our routine. I will prepare breakfast and lunch boxes for all of us. Most of the time i need to prepare three types of food as i want something spicy, aariz wants stgh not too spicy but adult food while fawwaz he still a baby. So ill prepare porridge or pasta with chesse for him. And i have picky hubby and kids when it comes to food and i need to be variety. Hubbs on the other hand, will be very busy bathing the kids one by one and get himself ready and feed the kids. Once we settle off we go to send them to the nursery.

Next is all work until 330 or 400 (i supposed to be off from work by 300). So i rushed back home and think hard to cook for dinner. It took me one hour now to prepare meal for the whole family as i need to go and pick up the kids at 5 together with hubby. Once we reached home, hubby will start the fire, get the kids to bath while i prepare the dinner. Usually by 6 all of us will settle for dinner. The only things now, the battle to feed the kids... Aariz somehow get very fussy during dinner. He only wants rice with no veggie or meat. And i will insist him to have some. Be it pasta, mee or bread...he doesnt want to eat meat or veggie. Just cheese and eggs...and yogurt. Convert mat saleh anak aku. Dah la makan tak nak pakai tangan. Nak pakai sudu. Fawwaz he wants attention. We need to only feed him and look at him if not he will scream out loud. No peacefull dinner time. But we do get entertained by them after all. After cleaning up the dishes....i will settle with the kids while hubbs go back to the office. And be back by 930 or 11 pm. And the clock start again.

In between we also need to manage laundry, house cleaning and other domestic works. It's pretty tiring lately. Stime i do have telecon at odd hours, where that is when hubby need to go home and take care the kids while im in the meeting. Weird working hours for me as NZ timezone is different from other country.

So what is the connection with what im saying to look at the greener side of my life. Prob ill blog about it later. As of now i need to take a bath and help hubby do some cleaning.

It's 1030 pm now. Later