Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My humming bird

We had a lovely lunch at Elthem today. Watie and co has cooked some Indonesian meal, not sure what they call it for the fish. But it looks like ikan masak singgang to me. Fried chicken, labu masak lemak, mee hoon goreng, prawn fritters and we have our Indonesian friend brought gado2, tempeyek, and plenty other more. Thanks to Watie and family for the wonderful meal. I actually eated almost everything and the kids enjoy it too. Fawwaz is pratically munching the food from the momment we arrive until we leave the house. I am full till now!

Anyway today I feel like writing about my sons. Let’s talk about Aariz first. With him, we need to do a lot of reasoning. He is a talkative young boy. He can chat non stop asking this and that. The poor parents sometime lost word to explain why and what so not. Take for example. When we both were working…. they are times that Aariz don’t feel like going to school. So he will ask why ma…we have to go to school…why you need to work and why we have to wake up early in the morning…and the entire why early in the morning. So to shut him up, I plainly explain to him….you know darling…if you keep on asking why and not quickly get dressed papa will be late and the boss will pull his ears. Then his eyes will roll…..Pull papa ears? Like you pull my ears?..Yeah I said. Then he quietly gets dressed and obediently goes to school. Sometime…after school if any of us gets stuck in the of us will pick them up and bring them to the office. So after the earlier conversation…one day we brought him to the office where they are quite a few people still remain in the office. He sat there quietly, looking around and suddenly the golden question pop out. Mana boss papa? Haha …I was quite surprise with that question cos seems that he remember our conversation a while ago. Luckily my boss is not in the office. So I tell him that …he went back already…He looks pretty disappointed. Then I ask why….you want to see which one boss papa that pulls his ears? Yeah he said… He probably very interested to see which one is the person that has higher authority than his papa. That can pull papa’s ears….haha.

When we give reasoning that teaches him on how to reason too and improve his negotiating skill. He is very expert on this. Like when we are in the pool...and it's time to go. If i said is enough. Then he will say ....can i play another 2 more time (water slides)..and if i quickly nodes with a smile...he will say...err 3 time please. so ok he get's 3...then on the way they are another water slide he will say ...3 more time...and this time i will say no. please ma...last last ...i need it ma...3 more time...please...ok how to say no to i will say yes but only 3 times and we are heading back home after that. no more smiling. then he understood that he has reach the limit. else the 3 time can multiply by 3. They are one time he manage to buy 30 more minutes from me. How cheeky is that?

As for fawwaz…he is now 18 mons…still not many proper word coming out from his mouth yet but lot’s and lot’s of mumbling. I wonder why my boys are very talkative. Aren’t men/boy should be less talking? Anyway… he can utter few words like than you ..nak susu…nak ammy (makan) nak yakkkk..that is his favorite one. We think is not only when he is doing his big job…even when he wee wee he will say nak yak…imagine every few hours he will come to us and say…yak yak yak and showing his pampers. I have been conned few times by him. He said dah yak …and pull me to the toilet..yeah his pretty clever on this. He doesn’t like his nappies become very each time he feels that it need to be changed he will ask us to go to the toilet with him. So that few times that I have been conned is where I already undress him and when I open his still ok. It just that the nappy is sort of like not properly put on haha. The other thing that he loves the most is singing!...He can sing the I love you (barney version), Twinkle2 little star and one new Zealand rugby soundtrack. Sometime he will just walk around the house singing/humming…they are one morning when only hubby and fawwaz are awake, while hubby brushing his teeth or stgh, fawwaz at the other side of the bathroom holding the tips of the towel pretending that is a mic and start singing for good 5 minutes. Yeah he can’t really talk yet ..but he can sing..and they are real words coming out from him. I hope he will not become a rock star.

Yeah that is my two boys…When they wide awake I feel like can u please go to sleep..when the asleep I will gatal2 come and kacau them. Which always irks hubby. For me ..i just love em.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Elthem for makan2

Tomorrow we are going to Elthem…”we” in this case are me and the kids and few indonesian wifey with their kids as well. So much socializing when I am officially becomes a housewife. We have been invited by a Malaysian family to have makan2 before I fly back to Malaysia.

I have heard about them (watie and ridzuan) since last year but only met them last week at Ita’s house (the Indonesian). Ridzuan is a slaughterer and according to them they are many Malaysian stays at that area and most of them work as slaughterer too. Of course in the foreign country we always get excited to met people from our own country. And with our culture, makan2 is something that we can’t get rid off. So tomorrow not sure what the meal are but I am really looking forward ……. to eat decent Malaysian food that is not cook by moi haha. Thanks Watie.

I’ll be making some dessert for tomorrow and I have promised to make brownies and bread pudding. So brownies project started at 10.30 tonite … that has made hubby eyes rolling …me and my pemalas tapi nak buat jugak attitude. Hopefully the brownies turn OK. As for the bread pudding ill probably will do it first thing in the morning.

Ting!!! OK the brownie is ready now….Will see how tomorrow goes.

Housewife and Swimming Class

Being a housewife is not easy as I thought. I do need to wake up early in the morning cos this 2 cheeky monkey will open their wide eyes latest at 7.30 in the morning. And once they open their eyes…they will start jumping and running around the house. If I’m lucky enough, papa will still be around to feed them and bath them (cos they poo early in the morning as well). Else I will need to carry my lazy ass or they will start jumping and screaming on my ears asking me to wakes up.

Once I have feed them, then they will start playing and i will need to prepare lunch. I enroll Aariz for swimming classes and the schedule is at 10 everyday during school holiday. This is his second term. If I get the lunch ready before we went out then I can send hubby lunch box at work and by the time we came back after the swimming class both my kids will be really hungry. Then will start with the laundry and sorting the cloth and cleaning the house and the list will go on and on. Nor that I can get nap during the day…hish!

On aariz swimming class, he can’t really swim by his own yet. He can float, dunk his head in the water and he’s pretty alright in the water. Here in New Zealand, they really encourage people to learn how to swim. At cost of RM65 they will teach one hour lesson a week for 10 weeks. The public pool is very near to the office and during his first term where i actually still working, i went out during lunch time, pick aariz up and send him to the swimming class..wait for one hour then bring him back to his kindy and i went back to the office. Only in New Zealand i can do this :)

During his first term, they are 4 kids in one session. You can see that all the kids are not really keen to put their heads or ears in the water for the first session. And it’s pretty interesting to see how the instructor try to encourage them to do so….by the third or 4th session the kids already can dunk their head and be in the water for few second. They can now jump to the pool rather than using stairs to get into the pool. Swimming using “boya” is no longer a problem….by the 10th session, 1 of them can do a few strokes…But not aariz hehe. He still phobia with the last 3 sessions. What happened is that the instructor will bring them to the deep pool. Then ask them to jump and obviously they can’t reach the ground. With this exercise, some really can try to do few strokes to get to the instructor which is just a meter away. But aariz haha, he practically touch the ground and by the time the instructor get him, he already panicking….nevermind’ll get there.

While aariz attended his swimming class for the second term, I will personally train fawwaz in the other pool hehe. Not that his mum can really swim but I just get him into the circle “boya” and let him walk around the pool. Sometimes he will just float using his ”boya”. And when I dunk his head in the water…he didn’t cry. Instead give me a look like “do you want to kill me?” And he loves the water slide as well. Tak padan dengan kecik.

For sure I would like to continue this when I’m back in my hometown. I will bug my parents to bring them to the pool every week so that they will not lose whatever that we have started here. It just to find what is the nearest pool as where we staying are really in the middle of nowhere.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


God knows how many drafts I have made and none of them I publish it here. It’s all unfinished and we hardly have time to really do stuff for ourselves. It makes me lazy as well and at the end, rather than updating my blog…. I spend time reading other people blog.

It’s nearly the end of our life in kiwi land. 14 months to be exact and it’s not that long actually. But we can’t wait to get our butt off this country. No it’s not that I don’t love the people and the place. Living as contractor where you don’t really have control in your life and not knowing when the client will ditch us …all the uncertainty. I think it’s enough. I resign!!! Haha. I am now officially unemployed, stay at home mom but wait…don’t be too excited *wink wink*. It’s only for one month as I will start my new job soon.

OK so what happened during the silence? September is Fawwaz’s birthday. So he had his birthday bash at school where I made a medium size banana muffin for him to share with his friends and teacher. And also hubby birthday…he got me a spanking new camera for his birthday….errr who’s birthday again????

October… I don’t really remember what happened ...oh is it Ramadhan or stgh? We celebrate ramadhan for the first time far far away from pasar ramadhan hehe. It’s pretty interesting fasting during winter cos we break fast around 5 stgh and sahur around 3pm…..

Oh and we flew back to Malaysia for Hari Raya…not really on the first day of raya but second week of hari raya. It’s a short trip but we enjoy it. Hubby needs to fly back to NZ first…and I have to fly to Perth for the implementation. I drag my lil brother to NZ as I need an extra hand to help with 2 kiddos during the flight. That is around November.

December…it’s my birthday and guess what…what do we do? I don’t remember…Nearly go live for the project implementation and sure is we are busy like a bee…

January onwards is where we went live. Life pretty much revolves on the routine and works. Kids are getting better in their English. I will update more about them later.

As of now, I will enjoy my new role as full time house wife. And probably if I rajin enough…I’ll start to write on our 2 weeks trips of South Island.