Sunday, July 24, 2011

Share with me

There are few things that I would like to catch up. For example, baking, cooking, facial and my usual wash and blow. Time is something that I crave for, which I have been really slacking into a few other important thing. Spending quality time with the kids.

Juggling career and taking care of family is really hard at least for me. I know my strength and when it's come to do something that is not really my forte, I can and I will do it, but it will take a little bit of my energy to get it done. That will sometimes effect my performance at home. I've been put in some thoughts on wether or not to continue with my career. Should I just do routine work, part time or just be a housewife. But then they are fear in me thinking of will it be enough? Can I be a housewife? Will I get bored? What if I want my career back? How will I get my designer handbag ? ( hubby pls take note hehe ) ..... Well they are 1001 things keep on running on my mind...

I know some of you did that before, or currently been doing that. Care to share some thoughts?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

After a while

I've been abandoning my blog for quite a while. Not that I don't have anything to update. So many things happening in my life. But somehow, something has causes my life going down the road that I am not suppose to be. The road of depression... Haha kidding! Not that until I get really depress, but bad enough that I don't dare to write things here afraid of that I cross my border.

What I learn here however, things always look greener on the other sides when we all know it is actually doesn't. The experience that I learn, though it might not be as what I expected, are still remarkable. When you look at the positives sides, you know that what you take away is not one, but more. And most important, the value that you create, for yourself and people who matters.

Anyway, I leave that first. As I said, afraid that I cross my border if I start writing about it. Now talk about things that really matter, myself, my kids and hubby dearie.

Early this year I gave birth to another beautiful boy of mine. His name is Eimran. At my age I am a proud mother of 3 boys, and sometimes still unsure on how am I going to raise the boys... What the heck! Just do it lah :p Now Eimran is 6 months, cheeky just like his brothers, the most tembam among the others and my favorite sweet heart for now. Reasons being, so far he is the only one that don't talk much to me.....yet. Enjoy it while it last !

We are having dilemma of getting a bigger car, between need and want I guess this is more want than need. Today due of my itchiness ( of course me not hubby who is the most practical men in the world ...ehem!), we went around feasting our eyes with the latest 7 seated in town. From Wish to Stream to Mazda 5 and finally, Peugeot 5008...... I drool over to of course Peugeot 5008. Gosh so sexy and the interior is very classy. And guess the belila la ma, from one car to another... Really I think the kids thought that we pluck the money like their grandfather pluck rambutan from the tree behind the house. We end up just collecting brochure although Fawwaz seriously unhappy seeing us going out from the showroom empty handed. For you guys looking for 7 seated, I really recommend you to have a look at 5008.

K la, I guess this is the update for now. I hope I can write more after this...will see