Monday, April 1, 2013

34 weeks and counting

This is my 34 weeks. I have as early as 3 weeks (if i don't go for pre-term labor which I wish I will not) or as long as 6-8 more weeks to go. But as the rest of the majority mothers out there, this is the phase where you feels like" owh tak tahan and I just want to pop now and get it done and over!".

I want my body back, I want my normal me feelings back, I want my energy my spirit to go up normal and as usual!. Sigh - I know it selfish. They said the longer the baby in the tummy the better for the baby, for their development and so on!.

Well though this is not the first time for me, to be exact ...number 4 normal pregnancy for me but the whole experience and feelings is totally different. Not sure is it because of the age, or the gender of the baby that I'm carrying - I feels energetic at one time then tired to the max the next time. I had this peak of really high stress level in my working life here in my current role for a duration of time that i guess effect my pregnancy stability too. And now towards the end I had all this funny symptom like super early braxton hicks contraction and it went super long and super uncomfortable (painful but I won't describe it as super painful) that I think I may go to labor like anytime soon. Concentration - yeah I totally lost it!. I think at some point of time I become a really dangerous lady driver as I really not sure what am I thinking. The most honk I received in my life is during my final trimester for this pregnancy! Luckily so far nothing really bad happen.

Well this is the down side that I'm feeling right now - and I can keep on going on and on about it.

THE FACT - they are quite a number of good things happening during this pregnancy too. Which is not fair that I keep on focusing on the bad one kan...I will update on the good one later...

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