Monday, April 1, 2013

34 weeks - on the positive note

OK let me start to blog about the good thing that happen to me during this pregnancy. I got pregnant and I didn't realize that I am pregnant until one day I get my breakfast and suddenly puke. That's not normal right! Set me an alarm and here you go - hi baby no 4!.

The not so good which I will not dwell in this posting is that the morning sickness still the same and start to kick in right after I knew that I am pregnant. But of course like the rest of my pregnancy the gender guessing is the best part ever. We waited and waited until the day that the doctor says - look it's a girl!  Guess who has the biggest smile of all. Of course dear hubby. So we spill the news to our boys and Aariz went over the moon while Fawwaz is really upset. When I asked he simply said "Now I can't go around and mandi bogel anymore :(". Among all my kids as of now, he is the drama king of the house, yet so innocent.

Second trimester is where you see me cooking day and night. Is like I'm under cooking spell. I really love cooking and baking and I experimented quite a number of new recipe. I never cooked this much in my entire life. So this must be the baby. Coincide with my new house and my series of housewarming, rather than I cater ( I did once during kenduri doa selamat ) I went on and on cooking for friends and family. Slowly but surely I make sure everyone are full and happy- eating.

Then come the third trimester - there is a mood swing by this time, cooking becoming less and less of my interest now. I developed a new hobby. Home deco - not that I manage to fully deco my house because of the money constraint (yeah no more extras that we can use to buy that 10k painting or to put a 10k playground outside the house or to have 10k worth of landscaping ...sob sob). So we have to settle with what we have left - which make my semi creative mind work hard to think what I can do. First I make hubby to buy some trees...yes our house is togel just like that and I hate it. So now, we have like 7 trees outside the house and 2 inside. Still no canggih manggih landscape but we work with what we have la yer. Then I have plenty of empty walls. So I bought multiple frames from ikea - and wall stickers from viva homes. Till now still resting happily at our nursing room. Of course I come out with all the idea but I need someone to work on it right and that's hubby lah! Sigh don't know when he will start to work on that pulak. Not to mention those ayat2 resting nicely dalam store waiting for their turn to be hung on the wall. The other thing not to forget is to re-design kids room.Yeah earlier  when we moved in I have set one room for my eldest, while the second and third can share the other room. Now with the new addition, I've been thinking to move no 1 and 2 to the bigger room while no 3 and 4 stays at the middle room. Means in terms or bedding and all that I have to move around too and buy a new set too. So last few weeks, we bought a super single each for my eldest and second child, leave them at the room where they currently stays in, add in Expedite furniture from Ikea so that they can keep some of their books and toys in the room. The other room where they supposed to move in - we furnish with a cupboard (its empty before just full with toys), add in Expedite and a chest drawer from Ikea so when the time come we can send no 3 and 4 to this room. As of now this serve more as a play room as the toy is all over the place! Then we moved the queen bed to the guest room below, furnish the guest room with small cupboard and chest drawer, and I put baby cot there so that will serve as my confinement room and nursing room. Oh yeah and I bought a small round table to be put next to my wet kitchen. Next is to move my 2 seater sofa from family area second floor to my kitchen dining area. I want to have a small cosy corner that people can sit on the sofa while a few other drink coffee from the round table or from my Island.

They are quite a number of thing I would like to add to the house, like arm chair for the main hall to accompany my L shape sofa, some bean bag for our family area and few bean bag for the play room too!. Again few things have to wait lah I said tabung dah menyurut and last I check I still considering option to be full time housewife though the offer to do part time still valid. But seriously 4 kids - I know my maid can't cope and I don't feel like putting my kids future to her too haha.

See my good thing posting goes pretty long right! I am looking forward for the new chapter of my life to start! Yeah new addition of the family is always something to look forward. You will wonder how it will impact the family dynamic and all that. I have one super curious boy, one super drama and another super bossy - so what's next ?


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