Sunday, September 30, 2012

Centro KLCC and hairkunst The Curve

I'm just checking my reader statistic to see if I still have readers during my quiet time...apparently people drop by to read about the spa review. Pretty interesting. I just notice that since I move to my new role 2 years back, my spa activity has reduced tremendously but my hair salon activity has increased. Bukan sebab apa...basuh rambut require less time and more cost economic if I just want to have a quick relaxing time. When I work in KLCC a while back, my favorite hair salon was Centro. The only down side is that wash and blow cost you around RM60. Which is a bit too expensive, but the service is not that bad. Why is not that bad rather than excellence? Because depending on the who did the wash and blow, the scalp massage service can be really good or it can be just so so. Since last year our office has moved to new location, near to The Curve. And I didn't try any due to the workload. But I keep on reading review recommending hairkunst salon. So few months back I gave a try...and guess what, I fell in love immediately. They have equipment that when they wash your hair you feels like its really clean your scalp. I don't know what they call it but it was good. I've tried a few time there, it cost me RM35 for wash and blow. The service is good and again depending on who did your hair, it may varies. But at least this one it goes from either really good or not bad at all. I know the fact that I am a hair salon and spa junkie... But I have to be realistic here. Soon I'm going to have my number 4 and I plan to be stay at home mom for at least a year or two...means I have to be prudent. I need to look out for DIY spa, facial, hair treatment. Did I tell you at my new home I have a spa like bathroom. Here we go for DIY treatment. Will update you once I get started!

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